Development Technologies

Code Inspiration obsession is to keep up to date with the latest technological trends to deliver you state-of-the-art products, solutions and services.

Due to our strong technological background, we operate in a number of methodologies, frameworks and platforms to empower our customers with best possible programming solutions. What we apply is the latest and grates that mobile and web technologies can offer. We help businesses grow in a wide number of domains, that’s why our experience helps us to make choice in favour of the very right development technologies and decide on a given programming language, tracking system or methodology.

Have a closer look at the software development technologies we use.

Web Development Technologies

Focusing on struggling design, applying the appropriate web development frameworks and programming languages, we are able to make your future product interactive, approachable and functional.

Java has become a core component for websites and environments nowadays. Java is also known to be universal front-end for the enterprise database. It is applied to develop products regardless your business’s industry.


We use PHP language to empower your future website with comprehensive features. It helps us create robust solutions for our customers. PHP enjoys broad platforms’ and frameworks’ support.

JavaScript libraries cover different software needs from front-end development to testing and work with data. So we utilize JavaScript for web-based and mobile projects to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Mobile Development Technologies

Either you need iOS or Android, we are ready to supply the best IT-professional team of developers, designers and managers, ready to offer their knowledge for cross-platform development as well.

Code Inspiration mobile development team applies Swift within iOS SDK framework to empower you with easy-to-use intuitive iOS applications that have ensured their leadership in the mobile world.

Kotlin is a modern popular programming language for the JVM aimed at building stable high-performing systems. We don't lag behind Uber, Trello and Pinterest who actively apply Kotlin, so that to make your app future-proof.

We take advantage of React Native framework to deliver our cross-platform mobile solutions with a multi-platform based experience in order to satisfy your ambitions and business needs.