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Code Inspiration team has prepared an infographic showing 20+ online platforms, catalogs, business aggregators and social networks where you should create business profile right now. Why do you need it? – Listing in online catalogs boosts your online presence and improves SEO. What’s more, this means following a multichannel marketing approach, so that potential customers could find your products or services not only on your website.

Recently, Yulia Koroleva CBDO of Code Inspiration shared her opinion on what is the best brand marketing of 2022. Check the list to find more quotes from business influencers.

Today users try to find as much information as possible about a company to take a decision about making a purchase. Presence of your business on several catalogs, aggregators, reviews platforms will add trust to your company among potential clients. No matter you are a startup or a large company, make sure business listings of your company are claimed on these platforms. And are kept up to date.

Let’s start with a short video about major platforms to submit your business. These business aggregators are being developed and promoted by major players, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc.:

Submit business listing

Note: Some of these platforms might be unavailable in your country. In this case, probably, they will launch soon =)

Get listed. A set of aggregators to claim business profile

Business listing services:

  1. Social networks: Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare. By the way, pay a special attention to Xing – this a European analog of LinkedIn and very few brands use it for promotion and online presence.
  2. Business aggregators: Google MyBusiness, Yelp, Microsoft Bing Places, Apple Maps Connect, Yahoo Small Business. Actually, these platforms, being developed by major players, demonstrate a great online presence performance now. We have a bold assumption that in several years there will be no need in websites because all the search traffic will be “attracted” by mentioned aggregators. No matter we are right or not, make sure your business listings on these platforms are live.
  3. Catalogs and reviews platforms: Cataloxy,, Top Digital Agency, Design Rush, Infobel, Brown
  4. Aggregators of startups: Product Hunt, Crunchbase, ExploreBit.

BONUS 1: Online platforms for content creators

Do not forget to submit your website’s blog, YouTube channel or any other source of news to these content aggregators:

  1. Google Publisher Center
  2. Flipboard

Bonus 2: Online platforms to promote your goods

  • In case you sell goods and have online or offline store, create listing on Google Merchant platform.

Here is PDF file with platforms to download just in case Business Infographic