Mobile app: why invest

Living in a digital era, we’re all crazy about innovation, technology and of course, global presence through the Internet.  Mobile world’s growing and customers more and more often rely on their mobile devices. But when it comes to counting your company’s budget, not all are so optimistic to invest into mobile apps.

So in this article we’d like to point out why mobile web presence has become a priority for companies. It’s high time to start investing into mobile resources.

In case you’re still considering a mobile app for your company’s brand, here is a small guide on why it is necessary to implement it.

  • Mobile traffic grows. More than 51 per cent of users search for goods and/or services using mobile devices. No matter in which sphere you operate (banking, retail, food, healthcare, etc.), if you want a competitive advantage, you have to build your own mobile presence.
  • Want to make it convenient for your costumers to reach you? App is a great way to do so. Making your customers lives easier might build strong loyalty to your brand as well as attract new customers.
  • If you feel there is a clear problem that desktop services are unable to solve on their own you could solve via app, it’s time to spend some money.
  • Statistics reports users prefer mobile devices when visiting your web site? It’s another hint for you to launch your mobile app. It’s become second nature for users, regardless of industry, to explore and shop on their smart devices rather than using PCs.
  • In case you’ve done some analytical work and see you need some device capabilities (GPS, push notifications and so on) are of critical importance, develop an app is a right way.

The more movable we become, the more we choose to do things on the go. Looking for staying ahead of you competitors, you have to adopt the latest technology trends. If you’re still considering building an app, think again.

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