Web design best practices

Surely, the past year has made everyone realized how it feels like to live in a pandemic crisis. The new year brings full of hope and a lot of trends to businesses, including business-to-business (B2B) companies facing fierce competition and carrying a heavy load of responsibilities. And one aspect you shouldn’t miss if you have a B2B business is to improve your web design.  

The following B2B web design tips should be considered in 2021 to realize your new set company goals for a brighter future.   B2B web design tips. A phot of designer's sketches.


Determine What Makes A Good B2B Web Design

A good B2B web design boosts conversion, improve user experience, build marketing assets, and personalized to intended users. By knowing the qualities of a good B2B web design, you’re able to create more realistic goals and lay your objective solution for each goal, so you can build more effective web design strategies. 

Here are some examples of B2B website qualities, goals, and objective solutions to come up with a more viable web design solution: 

  • Boost Conversion: If your goal is to boost conversion, design your website considering identifying conversion points in your website. Also, it’s a must to consider the user path, test value propositions, and conduct split testing. 
  • Improve User Experience: If you prioritize user experience, make sure to have excellent navigation tools, improve user interface, and improve mobile user experience.  
  • Personalized Approach: If your goal is to make your visitors feel valued through a personalized approach, you can design your B2B website by thinking about their interests, previous actions, country users live, and device users use in accessing your website.  
  • Build Marketing Assets: To build your marketing asset, it would help to use the right tools, directories, marketing resources, and SEO focused asset. 

Keep The Technical Side Of Things

B2B website copies or content may include technical language. B2C websites usually couldn’t get away with jargon, but B2B customers are usually the stakeholders within their industry. They are more jargon-savvy than retail consumers. For this reason, you don’t need to explain yourself as much to B2B customers because they are industry insiders.  

When creating content, remember that technical specifications may be a much-required data for B2B customers. And the more accurate and detailed they are, the better. In addition, one way to keep the technical aspects more impressive is to use the right developer tools to help improve your B2B website and take it to the next level. 

Offer Live Chat Support

Website chat features have been implemented in recent years. But one thing significantly noticeable is that live chat support is more prevalent use nowadays, making great progress with AI bots or artificial intelligence chatbots.  

B2B companies tend to have complex and long sales cycles, and offering live chat support offers great user benefits, which includes the following: 

  • Smaller Commitment: Potential customers are not obliged to fill out a long-form or provide any information at all, making them more comfortable to communicate with you and express their thoughts.  
  • Quick Answers: A live chat support is a very useful way to get quick answers about a product or service that B2B customers are planning to avail of.

Make Your B2B Website Voice Search Compatible

Voice search is a hot B2B marketing trend not only for general consumers but also for B2B clients. Remember that B2B consumers are also humans who feel more comfortable using mobile phones in a fast-paced industry. So, your B2B website must be designed to provide quick and accurate information through voice search. 

Take a look at the advantages of making your B2B website voice search compatible: 

  • Shows that your company is flexible enough to adapt to advanced technologies. 
  • Provide quick solutions to busy B2B stakeholders to eventually get their buy-in. 
  • Set an edge from your competitors, making your B2B company more credible and regarded as an industry leader. 

Build An Authoritative Resource

Pack your B2B website with different useful resources to attract more B2B clients. Your web design aim should focus on gaining organic traffic by making your online visitors keep coming back. If you want to be an industry leader, make sure to back up all your content with relevant evidence.  

Here are some examples of rich content for B2B websites to become an authoritative resource: 

  • Webinars  
  • Statistical data 
  • Studies 
  • White papers  
  • Case studies  


B2B consumers are busier, smarter, and more practical now more than ever. Creating a well-designed B2B web design prepares your company for heavy marketing to keep up with the B2B world’s tight competition. Make your website user-friendly, highly detailed, and a great resource for B2B customers. In this way, your website will earn more traffic and convert more B2B visitors to long-time business partners.