Online delivery optimization

With Americans spending more than a third of their shopping budget online, businesses have their work cut out for themselves. The demand for delivery services is quite high, and businesses without delivery services are at a disadvantage, as many people prefer doorstep deliveries.

However, you don’t just need any delivery system; you need an efficient one. Before you set up your delivery service, you need to have a clear strategy. Here are five tips for optimizing online delivery.

1.    Update your POS software

Your pizza POS software needs to be up to date to efficiently handle delivery orders. A POS software is a crucial tool for managing your business. Set up a dedicated area where you will be receiving calls and taking orders. It should be out of earshot from clients. Proper order placement is vital to avoid incorrect deliveries.

POS software offers you essential information that can help you improve your business. With a quality POS software, you can track the deliveries, late orders, and timelines for deliveries. Such data can help you adjust the business to meet the market demand.

2.    Have a delivery fleet

Although it is quite expensive, it is better to have your own delivery fleet. Having employees make deliveries using their own cars may seem inexpensive at first, but it is not worth it in the long run, as the liability of insuring those vehicles can be very expensive.

Having delivery vans or scooters gives you freedom to brand them to promote your business. Remember that drivers form an integral part of the delivery fleet. Ensure that you hire people that can present your brand well to the customers. People with a bad attitude can negatively affect how people perceive your service, regardless of how good your products are.

3.    Develop online payment methods

Payment methods must also be reliable to ensure that your customers do not struggle to pay when the product gets to their door. Customers with online orders can pay via online payments. You can also take debit information through the phone when taking orders. Similarly, create rules for cash payments such as how much change a delivery agent should carry with them. It is also vital to decide what to do with tips. Will drivers share them equally, or should each keep what they receive?

4.    Have an order app

Create an ordering app for your business. With the app, making orders is easier for people who do not want to make long calls to order. Apps are also easy to use, and may help you appeal to younger demographics.

5.    Double-check all orders for accuracy

One way to ensure accuracy with all of your orders is to double-check before you pack. Incorrect deliveries will waste time and resources. Customers may also shun your business if your delivery system is poor. Drivers should double-check deliveries and ensure that any side items like drinks and sauces appear as ordered. Drivers can carry extra treats like mints and cheese as complimentary gifts for customers.


Your business can improve if you invest in optimal POS software, create an order app, have your own delivery fleet and convenient payment methods. You can step up your business by offering loyalty programs so that customers will be incentivized to return.