Play roulette online and make money

Playing roulette online is quite different than at a land casino, for a random number generator is used to automate the role of a spinning roulette wheel. At the same time, the aim of the game is precisely the same and you simply need to predict which pocket into which the roulette ball will fall when the wheel stops spinning. As you know, chips are placed on numbered spots , boxes or lines on the table, and these chips are bet against the casino as opposed to against other players.

 But what should you know exactly about playing roulette online?

 As you might expect, an online casino has the edge in terms of the odds of winning. However, there are certainly tips and tricks to play roulette online that will improve your chances of winning.

5 Tips and Tricks to Play Roulette Online

playing roulette online

Learn More and Adopt a Roulette Strategy

Yes, the house always wins – eventually. However, over time, you will have a fair chance of winning at online roulette. In fact, by adopting a roulette strategy, most players begin to understand that haphazard gaming is the real reason why some players win more than others. More specifically, this means that players who take time to learn more about roulette will stand a greater chance of winning. At the same time, you should know that multiple strategies exist for a reason and not every strategy will suit your style, objective or bank balance. Anyway, the point is, try to resist any temptation to dive right into online roulette without a reasonable idea of how to come out ahead. 

Control Emotions and Awareness at All Times

First of all, we should acknowledge that there is no single way to “beat roulette” online. But there are certainly ways in which you can maintain a better chance of winning. For instance, emotional responses are often the true downfall for players that get carried away when winning or losing. 

It’s true, impatient players will usually chase their losses and end up losing more than they intended to gamble. As a rule, awareness and patience will help stop you from making this kind of mistake and deploy a discipline that will help you minimize losses at the very least. 

On the other hand, a roulette player also needs to have courage in order to win. That is to say, without courage, courage will allow you to bet small when on losing streak and take chances when you can actually afford to take them. It’s a fine line but one worth keeping in mind. 

Pick a Reliable Online Casino that Values the Player

Some online casinos feature a live roulette table on which you can bet in much the same way as a land casino. Also, there are many virtual games and tables that provide just as much excitement. While this variety is impressive, players should always feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the casino is treating their money and information with the utmost respect. 

But how can you actually pick between the many online casinos out there? 

Variety is everything and the likes of Café Casino offer an incredible variety of games including online roulette. While this particular café is just a few years in existence, Café Casino has amassed an impressive customer base that come back time after time for good reason. Meanwhile, an excellent loyalty program is evidence of how Café Casino treats the loyalty of their customer to the highest accord. 

In fact, you should find the reliable and secure nature of Café Casino is more than enough reason to sign up and get started. In case you might be a little unsure, check out this fantastic review. 

Inside and Outside Bets

 Just so you know, there are two types of bet in roulette – inside and outside. Inside bets are placed on a specific number on the grid and this includes any intersections or lines. Meanwhile, outside bets are placed on boxes outside of the grid such as the red or black even boxes. For experienced players, inside bets offer a better prospect of winning big at the expense of volatility. On the other hand, casual players are much better served by sticking with outside bets that focus on either red/black or odd/even numbered wins. In theory, numerical awareness and patience will help these players take some control into hand and achieve a greater chance of winning, while reducing the amount of risk exposure they might have on the table. 

Stick with European Roulette Games

 Not everyone realizes that European roulette is a much better option than the American equivalent.

 But what’s the difference between these two and why does it matter?

 Well, an American roulette wheel has one extra green pocket which essentially reduces your chances of winning. As if that’s not enough, the same payout is provided which means the odds are stacked even more in favor of the house. In case you might be wondering, a European roulette table has thirty seven slots, while an American roulette table has thirty eight slots. It should go without saying that every little bit of luck counts and this is certainly true in the long term. Anyway, why play the same game for lesser odds when you can find the same payout elsewhere in the very same type of game?

Final Thoughts

 As you can see, there is no one sure way to win at roulette online. However, it’s important to keep in mind that online roulette would not exist if the player had little chance of winning. What’s more, the odds (35:1) are quite clear and no real skills or talent is required to play roulette online. With this in mind, tricks and tips should help improve your chances of winning, while bringing peace of mind that you are playing the right games at an online casino that you can enjoy just as much as you trust.