The most popular way for publishers to monetise their apps include video ads and in-app purchases according to new research from AdColony.

A study of 100 global mobile publishers found that 89% of them use video ads, whilst 68% use in-app purchases to monetise.

Display ads are now only used by 35% of app publishers.

“Knowing revenue from ads continues to rise, app developers can optimize their own monetization strategies to generate higher earnings. Advertisers can also use these survey results to optimize ad campaigns strategy to take advantage of the most popular and effective types like rewarded and interstitial video, and display,” explained Liz Waldeck-Pinckert, director, client partnerships North America, at AdColony.

Rewarded video ads are the most effective video formats, followed by interstitial video ads and interstitial display ads.

The surveyed publishers estimate that approximately 63% of their revenues come from ads – 35% from video ads and 21% from display.

However, there are distinct differences between game and non-gaming app publishers. Gaming apps, for example, had 63% of there revenues coming from ads  with 44% generated via video, 16% from display, and 3% from native ads.

But non-gaming apps saw 66% of their revenues generated via ads with 27% coming from video formats, 29% rom display and 10% from native.

Non-gaming apps also see a good proportion of their revenues coming from subscriptions (16%).

The report also noted that rewarded ads had some of the best impact on user experience.