Business Process Automation Services

Any business is a combination of a large number of complex processes, therefore, to achieve the greatest efficiency, all organization activities should be coordinated.
Proper preparation of a clear plan greatly speeds up tasks execution and optimizes work. However, in today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing economic environment, an extremely high decision-making is required and sometimes staff simply cannot cope with the increasing workload.

In this case, the decision to automate business process management becomes a good move. Thanks to automated systems, enterprises can obtain necessary data on current tasks, as well as receive reports on the tasks progress. Such systems provide an opportunity to view reports depending on the stages of its implementation and analyze the overall situation.
Automation is also the most effective way to improve customer service. This means that your business will reach a new level and become more competitive. In addition, if you apply automated way of organizing the daily working activities, you will minimize the human factor influence during any responsible work.

Business process automation benefits

  1. Cost reduction. It’s a well-known fact that time is money: the faster and better the work is done, the more income you can count on. You can be confident in the high quality of work processes only if your employees’ time is used with the greatest benefit. In this case, you are interested in reducing the number of actions and time spent on their implementation. At the same time, one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is to cut the support operations duration, their cost and influence on the final result. Business automation allows reducing costs by getting rid of many routine operations and manual actions.
  2. Time saving. Business automation eliminates the monotonous actions with large participation, such as sending letters or searching the client base. Employees are given the opportunity to focus on actions directly related to their key skills.
  3. Human errors reduction. Employee productivity is affected by many factors (such as excessive fatigue, emotional background changes, lack of sleep or common haste and inattention) and nobody knows where human errors can occur. These errors, also known as “human factor”, are usually unintended: a person performs the wrong actions, considering them as correct or most appropriate. A person needs a certain period of time to obtain new knowledge, mastering skills and recreation. These reasons make companies’ management teams around the world look for a way to minimize the influence of the human factor on work. Business process automation is suitable because it allows you to simplify long-term routine processes and give professionals more time to analyze the collected data.
  4. Data analysis. Different tools for data analysis are developing in the same way as data collection platforms that have become popular before. High competition on the market leads to interfaces improvement and better visualization. Of course, a large selection of various programs available to analysts and researchers has always existed, but today you can find many systems that can help even the most inexperienced user to work with complex analysis and draw valuable conclusions.
  5. Separate access to information. A good automated system keeps all data on projects, customers, contacts in one place, so all the information is always available for each employee. This will also help to avoid plan failure in cases where the manager went on vacation. At the same time, business automation solutions have a high data protection level and ability to restrict information access, which prevents information leakage.
  6. Ease of implementation. Thus, gone are these days when it was necessary to call a team of specialists and spend several days on automated system implementation. Today it is enough to download the installation file from the developer’s site or use the boxed version of the product. You can work with the system immediately, and employees easily study software features through an intuitive interface.
  7. Thoughtful document turnover. Documents workflow is much faster and easier if each document has an electronic version. The management control efficiency and the percentage of tasks execution is increasing. Quick access to data also allows you to serve customers more quickly.
  8. Staff optimization. The automated system allows you to estimate the workload of each employee, distribute work in the most optimal way and automate the deadlines monitoring
  9. Customers satisfaction. Business automation makes it possible to analyze the client needs in advance. Since all the information about customers is stored in one place, the manager can always view the full operations history, and select the most optimal conditions for each client. High consumer needs awareness is also the key to long-term cooperation.
  10. Wide choice of solutions. Currently, there are a huge number of solutions on the market. Programs become user-friendly and easy to understand. Moreover, it is no longer a problem to customize any system in accordance with your preferences or even to develop a fully customized tool from scratch meeting you business’ concrete requirements.

Company plan and strategy
In 2017 CultureNext performed a study of over 100 companies which contained over 1,000 employees, finding that a massive 78% of them had some kind of documented employee engagement strategy. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that their strategy was successful, it does show how widespread the use of processes is and how much it needs automation.


The main task of automation is to optimize activities, which, in turn, leads to an increase in financial performance, and this is very important for business. Automation systems are tools that allow business owners to earn more by minimizing staff abuse and control suppliers. Such solution, like CRM, also helps to attract customers through flexible loyalty schemes and fast service.
Currently, there is a unique opportunity to purchase an automation system with minimal costs. Software developers are trying to offer not only low-end software models that are limited in functionality, but also full-featured solutions for less money.

Code Inspiration develops business automation software based on individual customer requirements. We can change the functionality or develop a module for client’s personal requirements, because we believe that the system should ensure the business effectiveness with the simple access to the modification and entry of new data.