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Several months ago, Code Inspiration’s CBDO Ms. Yulia Koroleva has been accepted into the Forbes Business Development Council – an invitation-only community for business professionals. Here is the official press-release

Business articles

Since then, we have published a couple of business articles on Forbes BusDev platform:

  1. Five Considerations When Planning To Scale Your Company Internationally – when a company plans to expand from the U.S. to the Gulf region or from Eastern Europe to Mexico, it may face unique issues and find that procedures that work well in a home country would not work in the country abroad.
  2. Four Reasons The Pandemic Increased Demand In IT Outsourcing – In fact, In the time of pandemic and lockdown, the demand for IT outsourcing continues to rise. The article explains why. Briefly, the reasons are:
    1. Low/no risks
    2. Focused specialists
    3. Budget
    4. Dedicated development team

There are more business articles to come, so stay tuned!

Forbes Expert Panels

One more Forbes Busdev Council’s activity is a so-called Expert Panel. At certain intervals, Forbes editors post some business related question(s) and invite members of the Council to answer. Forbes established a limitation for replies in 300 characters, so experts’ replies should not only be insightful but also short. After a while, Forbes editors close the question and publish 15 most insightful and valuable inputs.

Why should one pay attention to these Forbes expert panel publications? – It is a great possibility to get multiple insights for the given business topic at once. In fact, all the members of the Forbes Business Development Council are professionals with a solemn background based on years of business experience. Checking these answers means knowing of Forbes members’ business expertise, albeit briefly.

Checking the Forbes Expert Panel means knowing various approaches to business development, getting valuable insights regarding international business. 

So we highly recommend some recent Forbes Expert Panels whits insights from business professionals:

  1. 15 Ways To Handle Customer Objections – Selling a product or service is not always a smooth process. Even when your offering is the ideal solution for a customer’s problem, there is no guarantee that your sales rep will be able to land the deal. The ability to address and assuage customer objections, directly and proactively if possible, is a key component that will set your business apart from others in the market.
  2. Selling To A Smaller Client? Try These 15 Sales Process Strategies – A strong sales process is what turns a prospective lead into a paying customer. However, this process is rarely a one-size-fits-all strategy; different businesses can benefit from different sales approaches. This is especially true when you’re tailoring your pitch to a small business. The needs and goals of a smaller company are often different from those of a large corporation, and that must be accounted for when developing your pitch. Together with Mr. Jason MinerNewfold DigitalJohn McCoyKomet USARay MakelaSales Readiness GroupSteven DonaiLakeview Health LLCJack WagnerHawk Ventures and other experts.


Photos of featured members.