Website best practices checklist

Here is the second part of the article about trust triggers for any website. We collected simple aspects to do to gain more trust of your website’s visitors and potential clients. Part 1 with 23 triggers can be found here. Let’s go:

  1. Contact details. Email(s), phone numbers, messengers, office address, location map – place as many details as possible. Contact page with a plenty of contacts shows a visitor that the company is live and improves trust.
  2. In addition to the previous point, a photo instruction “how to get to the office”. Demonstrates your care of client.
  3. Publish drafts of agreements on a website. Potential clients can download and look through them. 
  4. Corporate blog, where you publish news about your company development, articles and so on. A good example we can mention here is a Dodo Pizza – huge international network of pizza restaurants founded in Russia. Its founder has been keeping a blog where he shared news, his plans, reports etc. Even though DodoPizza is not very delicious, however it is interesting to read about their business and their approach to customer experience improvement.
  5. News about further development of the product. This is vital for software developers mainly. A simple example here is a CRM development company that posts articles about new updates and explains what features were added, what was improved and so on.Master level of this point: to share not only the results, but also development plans. Let your customers know what you are planning to do, what features to add. And maybe even to participate in the discussion of your plans, giving you valuable feedback.
  6. Links to platforms where clients discuss your product. Creating a forum and maintaining it is a good sign for customers showing expertise of your company. Forums of gamers led by Ubisoft Entertainment, Activision and other gamedev companies are perfect examples. Surely, today is the era of social networks, so think of creating a community in any social platform that is popular in your region. Even though you are not a large corporation, think of creation some industry specific forum or group in socials, no matter what your niche is.
  7. “Careers” section. If visitors see that your company hires – this is the evidence that you are growing and developing. 
  8. Cases. The best marketing tool probably. “The company A addressed to us with the problem B, and we offered a solution C. The results are E and F.” A very powerful trust trigger. No matter you work in B2C or B2B. Your potential client might read it and find that he has the same pain.. Cases can also be made as videos.
  9. A website page or blog post with a lot of comments and shares in socials. Users see that the question is vital and is interesting for the audience. 
  10. FAQ – Frequently asked questions – section on the website. By the way, you can also place a question(s) that potential clients will probably do not ask because they are not specialists in the niche and answer to it. In such a way you can mention some interesting information about your product or service unobtrusively, emphasizing its uniqueness.
  11. About the company section on the website. Classic issue, just general information, when the company was found, history, mission, goals etc.
  12. Participation in an industry association. Nothing special, just mentioning your membership in an industry association in your city, region or country. Visitors know that most likely a company has to meet some requirements to be a member of an association, so this is one more trust trigger.
  13. Making and publishing a research or reports. The aspect is to create any research connected to your industry and publish it. Clients will positively perceive the fact that you do market research.
  14. Participation in exhibitions and conferences. Both these aspects show that if your company takes part in such events, then you are experts and worth trusting. 
  15. Company’s education center. Let’s imagine you offer remote accounting services. Try to offer fast online educational courses for accounting. Here how many niches there are, as many educational courses you can offer. By the way, this can be successfully combined with the point 30 – building a forum around your product.
  16. Records of your specialists performing on conferences, holding webinars
  17. One more trigger is a possibility to download a PDF catalog of your products. 
  18. Presentation of your company in PDF. A potential client can download it and show to his/her boss. By the way, not all CEOs and top-managers like to browse websites. PDF presentation(s) is for them.
  19. Detailed instruction how to use your product. Text or video. Or both. Something like “To use our software product do this, this and this.” Clients will be of the opinion that if it is written and described, this should work.
  20.  Publish your financial reports for some period. Such transparency works well for earning trust.
  21. If you are a large manufacturer, publish a list of dealers and their contact details on your website.
  22. A list of all your departments’ locations. Works well if you are, for example, a restaurant network and have restaurants in several cities. Publish the list wherever possible starting from a website – if a client has visited you once and liked services, he/she will probably try to remember addresses of other restaurants just in case.
  23. Sponsorship and charity. We suppose everything is clear.

46 trust triggers on your website, checklist with go-to aspects

One more aspect is listing of your business in online catalogs, aggregators, marketplaces. We prepared a short video with a list of major business catalogs developed by major players to submit your business profile for free:

We also highly recommend the article about 20+ major aggregators to submit business listing for free. These simple step will boost your online presence significantly. Make sure you have and keep up-to-date the profiles of your business in all mentioned business catalogs.

That’s all for today. We sincerely hope that you find this list useful. If you need a professional website, address to us for a consultation. Please pay attention that the mentioned points not also improve trust to your brand, these small aspects also make your website SEO ranking better and improve customer experience you offer to your clients.