How Code Inspiration was featured on Times Square

The story.

Sometimes we reply to journalists’ request at Code Inspiration. One of the request was an invitation to take part in a flashmob #ShoutoutatTimesSquare organized by PureVPN. The task was to make a photo or a short video with a positive/motivational/business message. The aim of the flashmob was to demonstrate the unity of a digital community in today’s pandemic times of crisis. Here is the video of PureVPN reflecting the idea:

So, PureVPN team offered digital community to share thoughts, emotions, messages, positive vibes with the rest of the world by getting featured on a Times Square billboard.  Everyone could take part and share a message. PureVPN asked to either create a photo with a heart on a palm or create a 10-seconds’ video. The content was asked to be posted on Twitter or Instagram.

Our team member – Artur Prokopchik – assistant to CBDO – made the video and proposed to PureVPN: Here it is:

And some days ago the video was featured on a screen on the Times Square:Code Inspiration was featured on Times Square
 We shared the news in our Instagram profile then:


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And we were pleasantly surprised that PureVPN team featured our post on Times Square billboard as well: Code Inspiration was featured on Times Square

Get featured on Times Square

By the way, the flashmob is still opened. PureVPN says that it is still possible to apply. They will be live by 7th of March. So, grab your chance to spread some positive vibes on the Times Square!

Code Inspiration team would like to say thanks to PureVPN team for such a great initiative! We sincerely hope that this flashmob will spread so much love, positivity, motivation and inspire everyone to new achievements, ambitious projects and ideas in 2021 and beyond.
Stay safe, strong and flexible!