For almost a decade now, Code Inspiration has prided itself for being a trustworthy development partner. It’s beyond us to quantify the impact of our work on the numerous companies we’ve worked with, but we can surely attest to the growth of our own agency as a result of hard, honest work!

This year, we’ve stepped up; The Manifest, a business development platform, has named us as one of the Most Reviewed B2B companies out there! But more on this later as we take it back to where it all began:

In 2012, we found ourselves at the early stages of cutting through industries like fintech and travel with CEO Yaroslav Korolev at the helm. With a small, solid team, we began to broaden our portfolio in the realms of social media and digital transformation.

Since then, we’ve diversified our skills and experience to tackle development projects spanning CRM and ERP systems, websites, software, mobile apps, and automation tools. We’ve also advanced our expertise in UI/UX design for more customer-centric products.

In that time, we have come to work with enterprises of every size. From betting companies to domestic cleaning businesses, from insurance firms to student exchange programs, from the most high-tech to the more traditional trades — Code Inspiration has seen it all!Software development company, image of the award badgeThis year, we are once again at the threshold of a new era as The Manifest’s 2021 report reveals Code Inspiration to be one of the Most Reviewed IT Service Providers in Belarus. 

The metrics don’t lie; we have, in fact, secured a great number of top ratings in terms of customer service, price point, work quality, and timeliness, among other things.

Growth is a never-ending process that could take anyone in any direction, and we’re truly excited to see where this new milestone will take us!

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