Chatbots meaning

Using AI chatbots for marketing is neither new nor revolutionary: they’ve been widely used to communicate with customers for about five years now. Moreover, the development and coverage of new segments are undeniable.  As for now, nothing heralds their decline: research shows that using chatbots for marketing will grow 25% by 2025, which is a very eloquent indication.

People call the main advantages of chatbots round-the-clock support and instant answers to more or less simple questions. And although some customers are still conservative supporters of classic live communication, chatbots’ universal ability to save time smoothes their somewhat robotic nature.

They are also capable of other useful actions, such as collecting information about customers and engaging them with follow-up offers.

How you can integrate this useful technology into your strategy – we are ready to share the most compelling examples.

Website Communication Center

Almost half of the clients prefer quick messaging with the help of special applications over a telephone conversation or email. That is why the presence of a conversational chatbot on your site is necessary no less than the presence of a qualified customer manager.

An automatic assistant who politely offers a person help in fixing certain difficulties while that person is studying the site reduces the burden on managers and relieves them of the need to answer the same questions.

If your staff is small and everyone on your team is busy, you might be missing out on a potentially valuable client who will never return to where he or she was not given the proper service by ignorance. This issue could simply be solved with an effective chatbot shopping assistant.

It is also important to remember that the visitor is not always inclined to contact the manager if they do not understand or cannot find something. They will most likely leave the site, not wanting additional complications, calls, and discussions. But if the AI chatbot addresses the client, the situation can change dramatically.

When setting up the chatbot shopping assistant on a website, it is essential to make sure that it:

  • speaks in simple language without bureaucracy;
  • answers specific questions accurately;
  • appears not on every page, but only on specific ones in the case of user spending rather much average time on the page;
  • communicates and presents itself as close as possible to a real person: you can add an avatar and a name. This will set people up for communication.

Conversational Chatbot as a User Experience Optimizer

A conversational chatbot, serving as an avatar of a User Experience Optimizer, can enhance the user experience by providing quick and personalized support through natural language interactions. A lot of people refuse further contact with a brand if they encounter poor customer service. In this matter, the company has no room for error: one wrong decision or an ignored request will pave the client’s path towards the competitor.

Coming to the fore, service can become the number one reason for choosing a particular brand, overshadowing the price and even partially the product itself. Good user experience is your top priority; thus, conversational marketing is your number one solution.

To keep people happy, you need to answer inquiries and questions around the clock, instantly and accurately. It looks more like a fantasy scenario when viewed from a human perspective. But the chatbot’s point of view is entirely different: it can quickly implement such a thing, not allowing clients to be alone with their problems for a single minute in a day.

Modern AI-powered chatbot technologies allow customizing the functionality of the bot to the smallest detail without the need to write a single line of code. If the ready-made option doesn’t suit you, you can create your own.

The bot does not have limited working hours, working for you round the clock. Then, when the team is already resting, it answers questions from people who took the time to monitor the site only, for example, after midnight. And if there were no chatbot, the only interlocutor and guide in the night, customers would most likely get disappointed and go to bed with resentment and dissatisfaction in their souls.

However, you have already set up a chatbot on your site, and this is not going to happen, is it? With chatbots proven to be a perfect marketing automation tool, you are wisely enhancing your marketing digital strategy, avoiding numerous setbacks, while your business prospers.

Analytical Insight Gathering Tool

The fact that chatbots collect information such as email, customer name, company name, etc. is no secret to anyone. However, this is not all: thanks to advanced technology, they have gone even further and can now collect and organize information about customer behavior and their buying habits.

The product categories customers are most interested in, whether they tend to purchase related products, which touchpoints with a brand are critical when making a purchase decision – these are just a few examples of what chatbots can tell you. Such information is invaluable insight for setting up marketing automation campaigns that will pleasantly surprise customers instead of causing rejection.

Some chatbots ask the client to take a short survey after taking the targeted action. This gives even more information for future customization of conversion funnels for each client, answering the question before it occurs and solving the problem faster than the client will have time to realize its presence.

Chatbots as an Effective Personalization Opportunity

The more valuable information about customer behavior, the wider the space for personalized offers. More than 70% of people value highly if their advertising is approached from a personalization perspective. It always creates a sense of need, importance, and exclusivity, and ties the customer to the brand much better than using random discount offers.

The bot can ask questions about a past purchase, suggest similar products from the new product section, or direct a person to the desired page with a few guiding questions. For example, some bots can help narrow down your search significantly if you tell them about the specific parameters of the item you’re looking for.

Again, a properly set chatbot marketing strategy comes down to saving customers’ time, the lack of which absolutely everyone is now experiencing. A tool for marketing automation that speeds up a buyer’s interaction with a website and makes it easier to choose is becoming an incredibly powerful competitive advantage.


The chatbot for marketing will benefit your business if you take your time figuring out how to use chatbots for marketing as well as understand how it helps marketing automation.

It is an incredibly multifunctional tool that can help you optimize your communication with customers and become a driver of the transformation of your entire digital marketing strategy. Chatbots are the future of marketing – use the tool wisely, and you will succeed.

Marie Barnes is Marketing Communication Manager at Adsy guest post agency. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.