Social media market review

Code Inspiration team is tirelessly studying the tendencies in social media apps development industry. The topic couldn’t stay out of our focus due to the widespread of mobile devices combined with the advancement of social media software solutions. In this way, according to the Statista, the obvious market trend crucial for social media app development solution suppliers is that the number of its users is only expected to grow. Statista predicts it will reach 3 bln by 2021. Surely, there are giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, YouTube and Instagram in the market. Still, it is not the reason not to try to conquer the market with a new solution.

Numbers behind technology-driven social interactions

The technology has filled the gap in communication across the globe, going far beyond the personal sphere. What’s more, social penetration is ever increasing. Social networking is one of the most popular online activities with high user engagement rates and expanding mobile capabilities. If we have a closer look at the data published by Statista, as well as the estimation for the next years, it becomes quite obvious to us that social media attraction and prevalence is gradually increasing, together with the demand for new social media solutions.

This trend gives a clear understanding that the need for creative solutions which facilitate online social interaction will continue to increase media marketing tendencies 2019

Positive trend in growing of the number of social media users worldwide, Statista

With the outburst of mobile market, growth of mobile traffic, social networking apps are on the rise. People want to stay connected with friend and relatives, expand their professional network, search for news and other types of information. And of course, social networks serve as a source of media apps rating

Social networking apps rating, 2018, Dreamgrow

Internet communication has become a regular daily activity for people. It is unlikely that users will be fully satisfied with the application without chatting functionality. Messaging and chats have become an indispensable feature desired by the users. Thus, to add value to your social media app, you just won’t be able to do without this functionality.

It should be noted that in addition to a standard package, the majority of social media development companies offer a number of features that are currently in demand, such as:

  • Emoji and liking. The social networks emergence was predetermined by the general trend of communication methods development. Compared with the previous means of communication and information transfer (letter, telephone, fax), social media advantages are the low cost and high speed of searching and transferring data between people. Emoji and likes are needed for a multifunctional social networking application because of their ability to help users to easily express their feelings.
  • Social media are designed not only for communication via messaging, but also for simple sharing of common information with each other. Notifications are a great way to interact for both parties, because the receiver confirms his/her interest in the content. At the same time, the client can easily unsubscribe, which reduces the dissatisfaction level caused by frequently sent notifications.
  • News feed customization. Digitalization and mobility has brought Big Data into the process of decision making, challenging the industry and encouraging it to modernize its approach to customer service. Algorithmic news feeds that take into account the interests and preferences of users, allowing them to see only the information in which they are interested, are currently widely disseminated.
  • User-friendly interface. This implies convenience and ease of use, which is designed to be intuitive and self-guided for the customers. It also should be remembered that excessive attention to one characteristic can significantly harm another. One has to be cautious with an attractive design implementation, as there is a big risk of overdoing and making the interface too heavy for quick loading. Therefore, the most important and difficult thing for a social media app developer is to observe the perfect balance of all interface properties in order to make it truly user-friendly.
  • Internet accessibility and high popularity have led to the need to rethink the privacy and personal data meanings. Currently, most users don’t want their personal data to be disclosed, so the issue of protecting personal data against the increasing fraud is more important than ever and the general growth of cybercrime. For example, one of the common ways to significantly increase privacy is to use two-factor authentication and encryption in the social media application development.
  • Integration with other platforms. The “share” button is now present on a wide variety of online resources, attracting a large audience to the content. Integrating popular social platforms into your social media application and sharing outgoing messages allows spreading information in wide circles and attracting a large audience to it.

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