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Aggregators are conquering the niche of online presence and attract more and more traffic. We saw this trend and created a website that helps businesses find aggregators to get listed on. In the article we share how we came up with an idea, what we have already done and future development plans. 

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Aggregators for business

Aggregators are conquering the niche of online presence. Get listed or create own business website, an image with a quote

This is so because users prefer aggregators to business websites: aggregators simply have more information to offer for a user’s search request. That’s why search engines “like” aggregator websites and give them higher positions in search results. 

We even predict that in 3-5 years there will be no need for a business website, because aggregators will conquer online presence. 

So, aggregators attract many visitors and generate the majority of traffic, that’s why businesses should consider this trend and be represented on aggregators. Earlier Code Inspiration team published a small research with a list of 20+ aggregators to get business listed. – aggregators for business

Recently we have come up with an idea not to stop there. And created a whole website – – fully dedicated to aggregators where businesses should register to boost online presence. In fact, it is an aggregator of aggregators. About this website:

  • What value can this website deliver? – Well, eliminates the necessity for a business representative to search for aggregators to get listed on.
  • Why should businesses get listed on aggregators? – There are 2 main reasons to do so. First of all, this is a trigger of trust among potential customers: they would like to know more about the company before any purchase, and look for information on the internet. If they see multiple pages of aggregators with relevant, actual information, they believe this company is “alive” and deserves some trust. The second reason is that listing on aggregators benefits the Domain Rank and Domain authority of the company’s website.
  • Is GetListed free? – Yes, it is. The catalog of aggregators is available to anyone for free.
  • How many aggregators for business are mentioned? – Right now the list has 40 aggregators for business. We do our best to add more aggreagtors every 2-3 days.

Developing GetListed – aggregator of aggregators website, we want to:

  1. Help businesses find relevant aggregators to get listed.
  2. Benefit to development of a digital culture.

What is done

Here is the list of the current results:

  1. Analyzed search results and selected a domain name.
  2. Created the website itself using Wix.
  3. Created a core list of aggregators containing 40 aggregators for business.
  4. Created profiles in major social networks and Google My Business.
  5. Started SEO and link-building activities.

Development plan

What are we going to develop next? – The plan is the following:

  1. Find and add more aggregators to the list. The goal is to have at least 100 aggregators for business with the prospect of bringing their number to 200.
  2. Create separate lists of aggregators: aggregators in the given country, aggregators for the companies in the given industry, free/paid aggregators and so on.
  3. Improve website’s UX.
  4. Improve SEO and do link-building.
  5. Track metrics.
  6. Launch an ads campaign – TBD
  7. Add sorting options
  8. Revise website’s structure – TBD

Thanks for your time reading this. We are glad if this article and website benefit your goals. If you have any feedback, both positive and negative-constructive, please let us know here on Code Inspiration website, or using’s chat. We pay attention to every single message we get.