Node.js download

The article is aimed at the beginners. Willing to try to install Node.JS and don’t know how? – Check our article and move on with easy steps described here. Of course, there is more than one way to install Node.js, however, in this article we will go through the easiest steps together with you. Other variants would be mentioned in next articles, so please, follow our updates on social networks and in our blog.

Node.js is a server platform aimed at working with JavaScript via V8 engine. JavaScript acts on a client side and Node – on the server side. Node.js is used to develop full-scale applications in different niches and industries. Selected in many charts as the most popular programming language and used by many global companies to develop their products, such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Uber Node.js doesn’t lose its popularity.

How to install node .js?

So let’s proceed with the main topic of our today’s article.

Important! Before the start, please, make sure you use Ubuntu server 18.04. The other requirement you will need to follow will be a non-root account together with sudo privileges.

Let’s start with the way which is considered to be the easiest one to install the Ubuntu Distro-Stable version.

You should understand that 18.04 version of Ubuntu in its repositories will already contain Node.js. To get it you should use the apt package manager.  To begin – please, type:

$ sudo apt update

What is this command for? – To refresh your index of the local package.

Then to install Node.js:

$ sudo apt install nodejs

Basically, these simple steps would be all you need to do to get Node.js installed. In addition, you will probably need to install package manager – npm. All you need to do is to type:

$ sudo apt install npm

What is this command for? –  The purpose of it is to install modules and packages for Node.js.

Of course, there are other ways to install Node.js, by means of PPA and using NVM. Soon, we will publish easy instructions and you will have an opportunity to try other options on your own.