Get latest emojis on Android – how to guide

Android user? Then you may probably think about acquiring some nice sets of emojis for your mobile device.

It’s a well-known fact that iOS users are all ok with this problem, as Apple made emojis an integral part of the devices’ keyboard.

Get new emojis on Android

So let’s see how an Android user can avoid seeing squares instead of funny images or smiles.

There actually exist several ways to install emoji on your Android device.

Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to make sure first whether your smartphone is able to read them. It is easy to find it out. Just visit any webpage containing emoji. If you can clearly see them, it’s ok, if not, we have bad news for you.

In case you have Android 4.1 installed, it’s a guarantee you will be ok with the emoji, as they come together with the OS version installed. The included add-on provides a possibility to use the special characters on all text fields of the phone. Don’t know how to activate the option? Here is the algorithm for you. Press Settings- Language & Input – Keyboard and input methods – Google keyboard.Tap to the Advanced option and then choose Emoji for physical keyboard  Similat to Apple, you can also choose divers emoji sets.

Emoji’s story

There is actually no problem with messaging without the emoji. Still, it is the desired feature that we use on the daily basis. You’ll probably agree that texting without emojis isn’t the same. Your messages become amusing and pleasing for a reader rather than reading a plain text. First appeared in the 90ies of the XX century, originated in Japan, smiley faces made its way to the West, now constantly evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated going beyond just smiley or sad faces.

Extra resources for Android

It may turn out to be that your device does not support emoji. In this case, search for a special instrument that will help you to solve the problem at Google Play. Download Fleksy or SwiftKey, and they will help your device “see” emoji, so you can enjoy them when texting.

There exists another option to make your messages more colourful. It’s name is Textra SMS. When typing messages, you’ll have to use an extra tool, changing it for an ordinary texting app, but you’ll definitely like it, as it contains the latest Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style sets. It’s a very nice alternative, which will help you to express yourself.

You can also consider Google Hangouts as a way out. The communication service is compatible with devices regardless of the Android version installed. It contains a wide number of sets, seasoned with stickers and GIFs, which is a plus.

Code Inspiration team hopes you’ll find the article useful. We added links to the proposed apps and services for you to conveniently browse them directly from the Google Play.