Increase Web Traffic

The new year is now upon us, and with it, a sense of new possibilities and opportunities. That’s great news for businesses that have remained somewhat stagnant in 2021 – of course, hampered by the pandemic’s unpredictability. If your business makes the majority of its sales online, you’ll constantly be searching for more visitors – traffic that your excellent website will work to convert into customers. So ramping up your traffic rapidly should give you a peak in sales in the first months of 2022. Here’s how you’ll do it. 

Consider Entryways

Behind the landing page and the flashy graphics and text, your website’s back end holds data about who lands on your URL and how long they stay. It’s important to be aware of all of these statistics because you’ll know if certain marketing techniques are working when you peer at this ever-changing data. The stat you should be interested in is where users are coming from. 

Most will arrive from Google. Some will type your URL directly into a search engine. Others will arrive via social media, an email link, or a hyperlink on a different website. Understanding how users come to your website is the first step towards targeting the right entryway to increase traffic to your site. 

Maximize Google Clicks

As mentioned above, Google is usually by far the most important entryway to your website. That means targeting more and more traffic on Google is a smart idea. You’ll do this by using a variety of search engine optimization techniques (also called SEO) which can help your website rise up the rankings of Google’s search results pages. When perfected, these strategies can increase your traffic tenfold. 

How will you do it? Well, some SEO is easy to perform on your own. Using keywords to describe your business and your products is something anyone can do, so long as they have access to their website’s editor. However, other, more complex tasks like link building should be performed by experienced technical agencies, like the experts at It’s by engaging with specialist agencies that you’ll get ahead in SEO.

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Other Avenues

Putting all your eggs in the SEO basket and relying on Google for most of your traffic may not necessarily be the best approach. It would help if you also considered the other avenues that draw traffic to your website, such as your social media pages. Marketing here, and building followers and shares on the likes of Instagram and Facebook, will help pluralize your traffic.

This is important if, for instance, your SEO drops suddenly, leaving you without so much traffic from Google. Being able to rely on second-stream and third-stream traffic will help you weather these temporary storms, still generating traffic and business despite disruption to your Google traffic. Learn more about how to draw in traffic from different sources by searching online traffic guides. They’ll show you where it’s wisest to invest your time and money.

There you have it: three tips to help you rapidly increase your web traffic in the first weeks and months of 2022.