How to stay up to date as a software developer

We do believe a real professional keeps to a concept of a life-long learning. It is out of the question that having a technical background is necessary, but if you want to keep up to date, you have to learn something new practically every day.

In this article, we’d like to point out several tips how to stay tuned in your profession.


You can easily find the most popular blogs for your particular technical stack and the tools you use. Browse the latest posts and see if they tend to write about innovation in the tech space.


Sounds banal, but it does work. On the Internet it is always possible to find By the way, webinars by famous coaches are widely advertised (e.g., on the Instagram). Very often they offer free registration. Surely, be ready to hear advertisement to buy full course, but still it is worth your time.

On-line courses

Have you ever heard about Сoursera? As for this option, you’ll have to invest some money if you want to acquire the certificate and take exams, but the access to the online classes is for free. When you see the list of the Universities of world size (Stanford, Wharton, Princeton) that spread free training courses on various topics, you can easily understand it’s the best investment of your time and money.


You’re always on the move? Don’t have a spare minute for learning courses? Listen to podcasts and run. Actually, there exist lots of them. If you’re looking for some Topical Development Podcasts, pay your attention to AppMasters, the Debug Log or the Bike Shed. Changelog, Modern Web, Herding Code and numerous others are all about web and software development.

Learn from others

If you’re lucky to work among highly motivated colleagues, bond with them and share some peculiarities you may discover when coding or solving some outstandingly challenging tasks. Participation in some professional events like meet-ups together may help you meet other experts that could share some ideas, too.

Perhaps, not all of the above-mentioned tips will make a perfect fit for you. Share with us pros and cons of them.

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