Tools to transfer videos from computer to iPhone

Feel boring about your next long-term trip alone? Why not have some TV shows or breathtaking movies with you, on your iOS device. But how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone in advance? At first glance it may seem quite easy, still the practice is different. People do face some obstacles when trying to transfer videos to their iPhones, that’s why we decided to compile our own helpful article

Get prepared with Code Inspiration guide! We’ll offer you several free methods that will help you to transfer videos from computer to iPhone.

Transfer videos from computer to iPhone via iTunes

Surely, this is the most obvious way for any iOS device owner. Probably, when thinking of transferring videos from computer to iPhone with iTunes. If you are a permanent iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac user, you know about iTunes for sure. The iTunes software synchronizes your device, helping you to manage videos, images, music, apps and other media on it.

First of all we would like to recommend you to update your iTunes to the attest version before you synchronize your device. In most cases, it will help you to avoid problems with your computer fail to identify your device or iTunes unable to “see” your iPhone.

Once you are ready with preparation, we can get started.

Your 1st step will be connecting your device to PC In case iTunes won’t start automatically, double-click to run the program.

Click the symbol of the device in the bar menu. After that you will go to the Movies section (please see the screenshot below. It is marked with red arrow. Drag and drop the downloaded in advance videos you would like to watch later, and don’t forget to tick them.

transfer videos from computer to iphone with itunes

Your next step is ticking “Sync Movies”.

add videos from computer to iphone via itunes

By clicking Apply at the right bottom corner of your computer screen you will start the process of transferring of videos to your device.

These are all the steps you have to undertake in case you choose to apply iTunes.

It is out of the question there exist ways to transfer videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes. Let’s consider them in detail.

Transfer videos from computer to iPhone via Dropbox

As you may probably know, to interact with some type of data on your iOS device, you do not always need iTunes. For example, when connecting your iPhone to the computer, you can access your photos without any third programs.

Thus, to add some videos to your iPhone, you can use Dropbox. In this case, it may serve as an alternative to iTunes. The only thing is that you have to create an account in advance in case you don’t have one.

So if you decide to take advantage of Dropbox to enjoy watching your favourite videos from your iPhone, please follow this algorithm of actions.

Your step 1 will be opening of Dropbox on your computer or laptop and signing in.transfer videos from computer to iphone without itunes

Step 2 is clicking Upload and clicking the Plus icon.

Step 3 is selecting the video you’d like to watch on your iPhone later. Choose or create a folder where you would like to save the chosen video. After that you can upload them.

Step 4 is going to Dropbox on your phone, signing in and just downloading the videos that were uploaded via computer.

Transfer videos from computer to iPhone via Dr. Fone

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, you may find Dr. Fone a rather convenient way to add videos to your iPhone. We have already described some advantages of Dr. Fone program, but in relation to Android OS.

So, how you could transfer videos from computer to iPhone by applying Dr. Fone?

The very first thing you are to do is to download the program on your PC, in case you haven’t used the program before.

Download Dr. Fone

This program will also help you to manage your data, which some of users find convenient and simple (while others still prefer to use the original one for iPhone – iTunes).

  • Step 1 – Installation. When you are done with it, launch Dr. Fone. Choose the module named Select (please see the screenshot).

add videos, movies to iphone

  • Step 2 – Connecting your iPhone to your computer. Take your USB cable and connect the device to the computer. Don’t forget to tap “Trust this computer” to allow access to your device.
  • Step 3 – Video. Just immediately after Step 2, you will be directed to the next screen. Go to the Video section after that.

transfer videos from computer to iphone

  • Step 4 – Storage. Once you directed to the video section, you will see all the videos that you have on your devices.

transfer videos from computer to iphone

  • Step 5 – Transfer. Select an Import option that you will see in the toolbar, after which you can either select several video items or the whole folder. For this, you will have to go to the folder on your computer, where the videos are stored. The indicated and chosen by you videos will be automatically transferred to your device.

transfer videos from computer to iphone without itunesCongrats! We are done. Play your favourite movies, TV shows or any other videos right on your iPhone. Just make sure your phone has enough space to have all the videos you plan on it.