MSPs in Business App Development

Did you know that there are over 6.3 billion people who own a smartphone? That’s over 80% of the world’s population. Due to the convenience and popularity of smartphones, mobile apps have also become a thriving industry. Statistics show that there are over 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store and 1.96 million apps on Apple App Store.

That said, building a mobile app for your business is a great investment. Amidst globalization and the increasing popularity of mobile and apps, it’s more appealing to consumers if your service or product is available online. Plus, you also make it more convenient for your customers to engage with your brand if you have a dedicated business app.

Understanding Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are third-party providers that help with the overall management of your business’s IT functions. These providers will manage and oversee all your IT assets and processes, including app development.

Most of the time, companies, especially small businesses, had trouble keeping up with the changes in IT. Hiring IT experts and training them is costly and time-consuming. So, instead of hiring more experts, businesses can outsource and hire a managed IT service provider instead. 

Managed service providers have an integrated approach to IT services, producing better results than most in-house IT staff could. And you can hire them for several IT tasks, including app development. Hiring managed IT services in Vancouver by Tenecom for your app development can provide you with numerous benefits.

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Advantages Of Managed IT Services On App Development

App development isn’t an easy process, and you’ll need the assistance of professionals to ensure a functional app for your business. This is where a managed IT service can come in handy.

Streamlined App Development Process

Think of MSPs as Swiss army knives—they have the skills for every IT task you need. As mentioned before, they have an integrated approach in the maintenance and management of IT processes. This means they can cover every aspect of your business’s IT processes and take care of them accordingly.

By utilizing managed IT services, you get the expertise and experience of an organization of IT experts in developing your business app. They represent multiple experiences in handling various kinds of mobile apps from different industries.

With that abundance of experience and knowledge, they can ensure a streamlined development of the mobile app. Furthermore, MSPs are also well-equipped with the tools needed for app development. Having the expertise and right tools, MSPs can finish your app project during the assigned timeframe.


Building a mobile app from scratch is expensive. This is particularly true for complicated apps or those with numerous functions like a banking app.

If you’re hiring a freelance mobile app developer, you’ll never know what you’re paying for or how long will end up bearing those expenses. Likewise, having your in-house IT team may not have the best knowledge for app development and require training to create a proper app for your business.

To save your budget, the best solution is to outsource an MSP. Outsourcing your app development to an expert company ensures that you’re only billed for what they deliver. In addition, they have a wide range of payment models such as hourly or fixed-cost. Your invoice will only be based on the terms of the agreement, reducing the overhead cost.

3. Reliability And Security

When developing apps, security is critical. Due to the increasing cybersecurity threats and attacks, developers will need to ensure that their apps are secure. MSPs can guarantee the reliability and security of mobile apps. Unlike a freelancer or a dedicated app development company, MSPs covers all basics of IT management; they also have the experience and are mindful of their security.

They have the right resources and experts to handle app security during the developmental phase. Thus, you can rest assured that security for your data and the overall app are safe.

4. Ongoing Support

App maintenance is one of the most critical parts of any app development process. It’s also the real determiner of an app’s failure or success. The truth is that working on a mobile app never truly ends since the whole ecosystem is always changing. The list is endless—from new Android or iOS versions to APIs to security vulnerabilities and patches. 

Also, competing apps will force you to rework or introduce new features to make your app fresh and relevant to your users. Ultimately, ongoing app maintenance and support are a must. And when it comes down to it, MSPs provide some of the best app maintenance support. Being a one-stop-shop for your app project, MSPs offer 24/7 monitoring and support for all their projects.


These are some of the benefits of choosing an MSP for developing a successful app for your business. Of course, the results will still depend on which MSP agency you choose. So, make sure to pick the best provider on board with enough experience and the willingness to invest in your app for the long term.