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Outsourcing development might seem risky because of the absence of a “personal contact” or meetings face-to-face. For this reason, we are publishing articles and ask our clients to share their experience working with our company. Here is one more piece of insights about Code Inspiration methodology and philosophy of work, together with fundamental principles and approaches.


Code Inspiration is an outsourcing development agency of a full-cycle. Capable to catch the project at any stage, or develop in-house from scratch. The main principle and philosophy of our company is: we don’t outsource work, and we don’t promise what we cannot deliver. All the software ordered at Code Inspiration is developed in-house. We are quite sure there are lots of great developers all over the world which will deliver good results, however, we believe that when a developer is sitting inside our office we avoid potential risk and human factor, and having all developers with contracts signed, we feel like being capable to manage them and avoid risk not to deliver on time, or according to the expectation of the client. Reputation, is something you cannot buy, so we prefer not to risk, even if it means taking fewer projects and earning less.


Stand-ups. According to the agile guides, and PM Book it is of the highest importance to have daily stand-ups. Is it so on practice?

“We have not only daily stand-ups when the PM is discussing daily plans with the team participants, as well we have weekly standup of managers, where we discuss the overall strategy for the business development. From my personal perspective, these stand ups are important to be up-to-date and react efficiently when it is required. Also, it provides us with a possibility to reduce the risk when it is too late to do something and the issue has already affected the end user or the business goals of the customer’s company.” – CEO, Yaroslav Korolev


We truly believe that the leadership in its common meaning is not applied in the agile. While PM is responsible for managing the resources, any other participant is important as well. If development work will be not done appropriately there will be nothing to do for QA, if the QA team operates badly – then it will be nothing to deliver for the delivery manager. At Code Inspiration we try to create that kind of “family atmosphere” where people enjoy what they are doing, not participating in a game “who is better” or “who is more important”, but feel responsibility for their part of work, as the result is the only thing which matters. And we try to motivate our employees to operate as one single organism in order to keep our clients satisfied with the work done.


According to the feedback collected, agile for our client means flexibility and stability. First of all, sprint iterations always show a piece of already functioning software, in the meantime, it is always possible to re-prioritirize the tasks for next iterations according to the business goals. In today’s world, when everything is changing, having a stable product and being flexible to customize it according to the users’ needs seems very important and fully possible applying agile. Detailed reviews collected via phone interviews by representatives can be found on our profile


An approach to invest in expensive offices, big logos on the buildings and multiple banners all over the internet is not something we consider to be a good practice. With very little marketing in the form of articles written by our representatives mostly in order to contribute the IT community and collecting verified reviews from our customers, we truly believe that nothing can be better than a recommendation. That’s why for the last few years the company is fully booked with projects and we keep working on long-term basis with all our clients, not finishing with a release version.

Reputation is something that has no price. Only in-house development, only qualified development staff, high attention to details and professional consulting services in addition to quality philosophyIs this something you are looking for your company? Does our approach suit your business strategy? – Feel free to contact us and schedule a call to proceed with a conversation.