Payment Methods

As technology advanced so innovative ideas bloomed, even in the online casino industry the impact of new ideas and concepts can be seen. Gaming technology has changed and alongside it the methods used in online casinos.

Take for instance the wide range of payment methods on offer at the best online casinos. The influence of the innovative technologies can be seen in the range of payment options now open for players to use when purchasing goods and services online.

From Blockchain technology where financial activities can be recorded, stored and protected to being able to fund an individual online casino account by using a monthly phone bill innovation is visible if looked for.

The Benefits of Digitisation

The benefits to players and the online casino providers are innumerable. Today increasing numbers of people house concerns about identity fraud and theft, and understandably so. Unfortunately, there will always be that criminal element which is focused on obtaining online customers’ personal details, including their banking details, to use for their own, ill-gotten gains.

Happily, innovation and development has managed to make any online experience that much more secure, and for those that operate an online casino these developments are readily adopted.

The Pay Via Phone Payment Option Explained

One of the most innovative methods of paying for goods and services online and one that most of us have at our fingertips is our phone.

This method of funding a personal online casino account is one that only the best online casinos make use of, Fruity King being one of them. Not only is this method of paying for games simple to set up, it also lends another layer of security to an otherwise safe and secure site.

Paying for games using either your monthly telephone bill or having the cost of your games taken from your pay-as-you-go balance means that there is no need to give your banking details to the site – which in turn means that by any chance the site was compromised the hackers would find no banking details at all.  No need for any debit cards, e-wallets or credit cards.

So How Does it All Work?

The system that is called ‘PayViaPhone’ works in much the same way as Boku, a payment system you may have heard of. Each transaction will be clearly visible on your screen as well as all other details and costs where you will be able to read and then accept them before any money is sent to your personal online casino account.

The majority of UK mobile network operators accept PayViaPhone which is a trust mark so as long as you use any of the below you are good to go.

  • O2
  • EE
  • Three
  • Orange
  • Virgin

How to Make a Deposit Using PayViaPhone

 Sign into your personal online casino account and choose PayViaPhone

  • Choose how much you wish to deposit
  • When you do make your deposit you will get SMS messages to follow up on your payments
  • Some of these SMS’s will offer you some special promotions or offers that you can either take up or decline by using the STOP button
  • The payment screen can be either one or three steps
  • You will need to add your phone number or at times you will need to send a code to a number shown on your screen.
  • When the payment* has been authorised a request of that value will be sent to your mobile network operator and that value will be added to your next telephone bill or taken off your pay-as-you-go balance.

*With no additional charges as you only pay for what you get this method of funding an account has been designed to support lower transactions as on writing this article you can only fund your account using PayViaPhone to the amount of £30 each day.