Software development market statistics for 2018

Code Inspiration professional team keeps abreast of the latest software development trends. Today we decided to share the recent data concerning global software development research. The article is focused on the most popular software development languages, as well as readiness of customers to outsource software development services.

Every year bring us a batch of interesting things about software development. This is obvious, because this industry is changing rapidly. Almost every year we can notice something new: architectures patterns, programming languages, methodologies of software development, etc. A tool or language that is very popular today might be outdated next year.

Programming languages statistics

What programming languages are most common in different companies? What new programming languages they expect to use in the next 12 months? Let’s see below the recent data published by Apiumhub:software development statisticsBased on the information above JavaScript the most widely used language, 60.73%. JavaScripts frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, jQuery, Vue made this language more liked in 2018 but the language is capable of many things by itself. In fact, Javascript takes all the actions on the client side, allows you to manage interface and relieves the server. The second is most popular Java 30,03%. Java often used to create cross-platform applications. Also, Java actively used to write native applications for Android. And finally, Python is on the 3rd place. 25.41% of the respondents using its. Because of its simplicity Python is excellent programming language for beginners.

What is strange that 36.63% of the respondents said they aren’t planning to use any new languages in the next 12 months.18.15% of the people said they’re planning to use Python, and 16.83% said they’re planning to use Go, followed by JavaScript with 16.17%.

Software Outsourcing market statistics

Since dealing with a company’s capacity issues is one of the biggest challenges along with hiring talents, outsourcing could be a quick fix. The benefits of outsourcing seem obvious, companies can save a lot of time and cut costs. There are also risks such as some IT functions are not easily outsourced. Let’s see what companies think about the idea of doing outsourcing:attitude to outsourcing

Source: Codingsans

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Well, as we can see most of the respondents who outsourced development answered they somewhat satisfied, 51.57%. People often prefer work with specialized software development companies (44,65%), while 18,24% ready to work with freelancers. 37,11% of the respondents said they’re can work with both. There is an interesting thing, only 52,5 % of the people outsourced their development fully by dedicated team development services or partly. Outsourcing can be an excellent solution for the capacity problem.

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Surely, this is just a small piece of data published.