What College Students Can Become With A Software Development Degree?

There are several roles college students can become with a software development degree. Software engineering and CS undergraduate college programs focus on application development, programming and design. Most universities also offer various software development degree levels and areas of focus. With this educational foundation, students can pursue opportunities in a diverse range of industries. 

As a software development student, you should know about the different careers to pursue in this rapidly growing industry. This way, you’ll be fully prepared to take on in-demand positions in an incredibly lucrative industry. Read on to learn about what college students can become with a software development degree.  

Software development company. A man using both laptop and a smartphone.

Video Game Creator

First off, you can become a video game creator with a software development degree. Video game creators work on the end-to-end design, development, and deployment of playable gaming content. They begin these complex projects by analyzing major responsibilities and dividing them into smaller, sub-tasks. Some creators will work with game logic, storyline development, or atmospheric element design. 

Afterwards, they’ll collaborate with testing engineers to identify, analyze, and make necessary revisions. Throughout this back-and-forth process, teams exchange revisions, feedback, and other constructive comments to maximize quality. This way, they must build top-quality PC, console, and mobile app games without bugs or technical issues. Surely, you can definitely become a video game creator with a bachelor’s degree in software development.

Software Application Engineer

In addition, you can become a software application engineer with a college level degree. Software developers utilize their highly-technical knowledge to conceptualize, design, program, deploy, and distribute custom software applications. Plus, they work with powerful development tools, programming resources, and supporting technologies. 

For example, they may utilize a Helm repository by JFrog to enable privacy, support fine-grained access control, and leverage massively scalable storage. With this functionality, you can leverage universal, enterprise-ready solutions powered with full automation. Of course, this helps you to standardize configuration templates, optimize testing procedures, and accelerate application release. Definitely, you can certainly use your college experience, knowledge, and skills to become an application engineer.

Information Systems Manager

Also, you can become an information systems manager with a software development degree. Information systems managers analyze organization needs, recommend critical upgrades, and oversee computer-related activities. In addition, they plan, install, and configure computers to match company specifications. Furthermore, these IT professionals secure company networks to protect electronic documents from malicious hackers. In this role, you would be tasked with working with IT teams, business executives, and even some external stakeholders. Certainly, a software development degree can definitely land you a job in information systems management. 

Cybersecurity Analyst

Similarly, you can become a cybersecurity analyst with a software development degree. Cybersecurity analysts monitor and oversee information networks for critical intrusions. In addition, they minimize risk, integrate policies, and test solutions to prevent future cyber threats. Plus, these IT problem solvers utilize sophisticated toolsets and strategies to finalize their decisions. Throughout this career, organizations will expect you to stay on top of constantly evolving threats like malware and social engineering methods. For sure, you should become a cybersecurity analyst with a software development degree.

Custom Website Developer

Furthermore, use your software development degree to become a custom website developer. In this position, you’re in charge of the technical aspects required in website creation. You’ll code, set up email communication systems and build different website versions. You may also be tasked with creating simplified versions for mobile and tablet users. 

In addition, you’ll collect website usage data, troubleshoot problems, and streamline site development efforts. Of course, this job requires you to participate in frequent design and content evaluations. This means you’ll need strong computer and English language skills to complete the job duties. Certainly, become a custom website builder with your software development degree.  

There are several roles college students can become with a software development degree. First, you can become a video game creator, designer, or developer. Next, you’ll be able to get a job as a software development engineer who writes applications using custom codes. In these roles, you will get the opportunity to work with the latest development tools, programming resources, and supporting technologies. Or, you may want to accept a position as an information systems manager. 

Another great option is to work as a cybersecurity architect or engineer. In fact, many software development college graduates use their degrees to become custom website developers. This is a great option if you are an especially content and design savvy student. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the different roles college students can become with a software development degree.