TikTok app success lesson for any startup

Let’s talk about the TikTok app again. Today we are going to define, is it possible to say that TikTok triggered a new startup tendency and if so, should founders keep this direction in mind or not. 

The article briefly: TikTok mobile app is used actively because it offers short but engaging video content that matches users’ interests. This is the core mechanics of the application. Probably, there is a new direction any startup founder should keep in mind. No matter what the startup idea is, a user expects to get value in a second, and probably by means of engaging content. Looks like the “tiktokerization” startup trend is replacing the “uberization” one. 

The article in full. An era of TikTok-like mobile apps?

TikTok app’s success

Well, as you may probably know, TikTok is a mobile application where users can watch, record and share short videos up to 15 or 60 seconds long. It has become extremely popular for 2 main reasons: on the one hand there is an excellent video feed that proposes videos that almost completely match users’ interests, on the other hand – ease to become popular video creators even for newcomers. TikTok success story. An illustrative photo of a smartphone with a TikTok app icon

“Tiktokerization” replaces “uberization”?

TikTok features represent, in essence:

  1. Sharp focus on short videos
  2. Almost perfect recommendation engine that offers only interesting videos, which lets users get value quickly

At a higher level this means:

  • Short content is more preferable in the era of content overload
  • Users expect to get value from any software almost immediately

Thus, elaborating any startup idea any founder should keep this in mind.

Emerging startups, following the “tiktokerization” trend. New startup idea development framework

In the previous article about TikTok we mentioned that TikTok’s core mechanics is perfect for microlearning-based application.What’s more, TikTok announced a separate feature for educational content. We predict also that sooner or later a TikTok-like mobile application focused on microlearning will be released. Actually, here is a startup idea. In fact, there is already a confirmed market demand in short educational content spread by a mobile app, because educational videos are extremely popular in TikTok nowadays. The only thing remaining is to persuade educational content creators and viewers to transfer to a new app instead of TikTok if you decide to develop such an application. 

Wrapping up

No matter what startup idea you are working on, make sure it is: 

  • built around short content, because a niche of “long” content is occupied by YouTube, Twitch, LiveJournal etc., 
  • has a sharp focus on solving a single pain of a user. Or offers an enjoyment, also single. 

Probably, this is 2021-and-beyond startup idea development framework. Maybe we will elaborate some startup ideas following this framework in upcoming blog posts. 

And we can consider elaboration of your startup idea. Feel free to send your startup ideas and if it suits our expertise, we will make a blog post with its desk research. It will be similar to our startup idea articles: 

  1. Startup Idea: Aggregator of Startups with Automated Investment Feasibility Assessment – Part 1. 
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  3. Startup idea: Mobile application for Schoolers and Students 

Startup idea analysis. An image with a text.And if you need to develop software for a startup, then we will develop ))

So what is your opinion about the “tiktokerization” trend? Do you agree this is really an emerging stream? Or you think this assumption exists in the author’s mind, who generated this theory based on the single case only? Let us know your opinion!

February 2, 2021 update: Actually, like we predicted, there is a released TikTok-like mobile app focused fully on educational content – EduDo. EduDo is an app where users can watch, share and record short educational videos.

Will your TikTok-like mobile app startup be the next big thing?