Food Delivery services development trends

Food and Delivery Mobile Application market in 2023, according to the statistics provided by different research agencies, is constantly expending. UberEats, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and other food and delivery platforms are only gaining the speed. In order to withstand the competition, one has to know for sure what the current customer demands are, and sometimes, even try to foresee them. Together with this, farseeing food and delivery business owners have to keep up with the latest industry trends, as well as be aware of most recent technological advancements. To design a food delivery page business owners usually use a restaurant website builder to achieve high quality and amazing UI.

In this way, what will push the industry forward? Within this article, we’d like to bring to your attention food trends in a view of delivery service to consider, especially if your business belongs to this sphere of operation and you are looking forward to build restaurant website.

Millennials are key influencers

The thing is that the millennials, whose food purchasing behavior influences the current retail landscape to a greater extent, are the main drivers of the food and delivery industry. According to the report done by United States Department of Agriculture Millennials consume restaurant food in around 30 percent more often than any other generation. Characterized primarily by deep involvement in digital technology, the generation representatives are more likely to take advantage of the food delivery option: according to the Generational consumer report statistics, they order food and delivery option in 3 of 5 cases in comparison with other generation groups.

One has to mind this statistics data to know how to better fit into the demands that the key food delivery trends setters demonstrate.

Communication with customers

According to the research conducted by orderTalk, nearly two thirds of Americans (62 percent) order from their favourite restaurant menu digitally via an app or website, and of those who have ordered digitally, 67 percent say they prefer to order digitally rather than by phone.

Thus, in order to have a pull of satisfied customers, food businesses have to take into account the preferred by the clients communication and delivery channels. Surely, the most convenient and effective ones are in-app and browser messages. Whether you want it or not, chatting functional integration is one of the most advantageous investments into your business. It holds great marketing potential, especially for this sphere of operation. Push notifications also work grate for this sphere. Wisely developed apps track the status of the order and inform the user about changes in the status of the order via push notifications.

When frustration matters

So, what are the main threads to the restaurants’ revenues from the point of view of bad customer experience? They hide behind the reasons why customers abandon online orders. Most common among them are the following:

  • Website’s work frustration
  • Troubles with order customization
  • No feedback on the customer’s questions

food delivery trends

According to the data posted by orderTalk

A disordered online ordering system is one of the main areas of concern if to speak about food ordering industry, which should make restaurant business owners think it over again.

Customers are busier than ever

Regardless the fact that the millennials set the tone in the food and delivery field, it would be completely wrong to underestimate families with children under the age of 18. The food ordering option gives them the desired convenience and some more spare time. That’s why this group of potential customers with untapped or underestimated potential could deserve the attention of business owners working in the food delivery industry.

food delivery industry

According to the data posted by orderTalk

Comprehending new niches

As the concept of socially responsible consumption obviously took root in peoples’ minds, some people decided to support and promote in digitally. In this way, food waste apps were born.

In fact, 30% of food is thrown away yearly. Food waste platforms and apps are one of the ways to help in saving the environment. These software solutions assist restaurants or stores to dispose of food goods that has not been sold and whose expiry date is close.

The idea is not new, still it is effectively working, helping both the people in need and “save the planet” ideas. A good example here could be a Food Rescue US platform. This volunteer movement’s aim is to fight hunger and at the same time reduce food waste.

Food for all mobile app helps to sell the dishes that has not been sold by the end of the day from local cafes with a discount.

Stay ahead

With a plethora of food businesses, it is not a surprising thing that customers are becoming more fastidious. Despite this fact, in case you are equipped with the most relevant market data, you can take a chance to be ahead of your market competitors to with the competition.

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