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The past couple of years have brought about many changes. Amongst these many changes, mobile devices have evolved from being simply a convenient means of communication; into a massively important business tool. Technology advances at what seems like lightning speed each day, and as humans, we can’t get enough of these advancements.

People have become addicted to their smartphones and mobile devices. According to a 2017 survey by comScore, it was discovered that the average American spends an average of three hours each day on mobile devices. When this estimate is distributed over a 30 day period, it collectively adds up to a bit over half the total time they spend at their full-time job during that same period. The crazy thing is, the comScore survey was one of the more conservative estimates from several studies at the time. Those numbers have only risen over the past couple years, as mobile device usage has reached unparalleled heights.

With that said, the importance of mobile app development in business has never been more evident, and it’s one of the trends that will shape mobile marketing now and into the future. Mobile apps have changed how we do business. These apps have made it simpler for customers to get business information at lightning speed, at the same time staying connected and with their favorite brand. These apps have become a vital means of marketing for businesses looking to expand their reach while seamlessly delivering relevant exposure to the brand as a result of their efforts. 

In fact, some estimates suggest that the mobile app industry has the capacity of growing by as much as $100 billion by 2020. This has prompted many businesses to embrace mobile app development in order to further engage their customers and gain solid insights into their users. Mobile apps have become a growing necessity for businesses, from startups to established brands. Here’s how you can understand the benefits of mobile app development for your business.

It Creates Direct Communication And Geo-Targeting Marketing

Mobile applications have proven to be both quick and effective in engaging customer interests. Additionally, mobile apps are the perfect vehicles for communicating product launches, promotional offers, new services, and improved features.

Direct communications of this nature bring valuable information such as demographics, geographical locations and shopping behaviors as it pertains to your products and services. This helps you to understand the market demand and better your sales through improved and informed marketing strategies.

Mobile apps Build Customer Loyalty

When it comes to building customer loyalty, it’s a critical and often tricky aspect of marketing any business. This is an area where business apps can help. Mobile apps assist by developing a connection between the brand and the customer through consistent notifications and reminders. These communications can create awareness about your brand’s products and services while also encouraging customers to purchase.

Additionally, it also boosts brand recognition (which we will touch on in more detail later in this article).

Mobile Apps Increase Brand Accessibility

Another great benefit of mobile app development is that it improves business accessibility. It gives businesses the ability to send notifications about their products, what’s new within the company, and other points of interest f0r consumers. It also allows businesses the ability to build a strong relationship with customers, strongly contributing to the development of a genuine and loyal customer base. Brands can also establish and nurture strong relationships with existing customers by offering special discounts and incentives within the mobile app.

Mobile Apps Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is arguably one of the primary benefits of mobile app development. From an app user’s perspective, functions like social media integration, loyalty programs, customer support, and reviews, are often some of the most important and appealing features. This is where hiring mobile app developers to integrate customer-friendly features can come in handy. When optimized to the needs of your customers, these features can increase brand recognition and give you an edge in your online marketing efforts.

Even more interesting; you can promote your business and products in a very cost-effective way through mobile apps. Let’s face it, traditional advertising methods are expensive. Newspaper ads, billboards, and paid social media campaigns can eat up a large chunk of a company’s advertising budget, despite the benefits of influencer marketing. However, business apps do not necessarily require large budgets to manage, and you can build a loyal customer base, which also contributes to building brand recognition. 

Mobile Apps Enhance Predictive Analysis

This is a benefit that can not be overstated. Using apps as data collection tools is an often under-appreciated byproduct of mobile app development. Collecting data around how users engage with your app can provide incredibly valuable insight into their likes and dislikes about your product or service. You can then use this information to optimize and cultivate marketing campaigns targeted towards user preferences that were constructed from the data collection of your app. Social media content creation can also be heavily tailored around this data.

Creative Freedom With Design

It’s 2019, and even with all the technological advances that have taken place in web designing, mobile websites still rely heavily on browsers to perform even the most basic functions. Mobile web pages are dependent upon browser features like ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’ in order to work properly.

Mobile Apps are not hampered by these restrictions. They can be designed with a bevy of elaborate functions, often built around advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘pinch,’ ‘hold,’ and more. The limits of basic web browsing are not evident in mobile apps, and this provides a much greater potential for creativity in design elements for your app.

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