Web Design Software in 2022

Yes, web design software is referred to as an application that loaded with a wide array of features and certain functionalities to create a website. The upside is that online web-designing software is simply web-based application and not at all required any installation. Even most probably web designers use SVG vector graphic files in their web designs since it is said to be as a Google friendly format. Also, they swap existing PNG graphic files with SVG vector with the simple online PNG to SVG converter online. 

Well, come to the point, we here going to depicting few best webs design software that lets you fetch much more for your web designing parameters. 

Let’s move further!

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Why Choose Web-Design Tools:

Web design software is easy to use program. Since it loaded with drag and drop feature, that’s the reason why coding skills are not essential to design websites. Remember that you just require basic how know to proceed with stunning designs with web-design tool. If you have XML-based sites, then experts always recommended to use SVG vector graphic file in particular site design as it is XML-based format rather than PNG raster file. Don’t fret, if already there you place PNG’s, thanks to source of theonlineconverter.com that lets you convert one or batch of existing PNG files to SVG vector images with its best PNG to SVG converter online for free. 


OUR Advice is to try Strikingly.

Strikingly is the most loved website and ecommerce builder by entrepreneurs.

Very easy to use and a great online support, try fo free to register.


It is indicated as an ideal website builder platform for both small businesses and starters who are going to make their first attempt at web-design. This best source loaded with over 100 templates, layout designs, and even the drag and drop editor that entirely makes site creation quite handy. Besides that, if you are a beginner and your concerns involves to export PNG image as vector file, then the source of PNG to SVG converter is always there for instant results. 

Moreover, it is packed with inventory management feature and even order tracking that works best for your e-Commerce store. 

Why Use:

  • Provides you with the affordable Starter packer for the first month.
  • You can now becomes experts to design websites from scratch.
  • Provides you with the 24/7 Customer support
  • Loaded with industry-specific templates
  • Provides you with the free domain with individual plan


Wix loaded with a cloud-based platform for swift web development. It provides you with all the features that required for creating a completely personalized and even the high-quality website. The most appealing reason to use this source is that it provides you with the marketing solutions including email marketing, SEO assistance, and much more. Besides that, you can now convert collection of PNG files to SVGs with free assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter. 

No matter whether you design website on Wix or any other platform, it’s always ideal to use SVG vector file format due to its scalability nature instead of PNGs. And, if your designer already generate raster files, then suggest PNG to SVG converter online that lets anyone to save PNG as SVG vector file. 

Why Use:

  • Its handy editor will lets you to access 500 designer-made templates.
  • Provides you with the drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Allow you to upload your own fonts or even you can be able to work more than 100 existing fonts.
  • Explore the features to add scrolling effects like zoom-in or fade-in scrolling.
  • Loaded with advanced design features that assists you in adding animation, video backgrounds, and even the scroll effects to your particular site. 


It is another well-known web-design tool that packed with a free website builder for creating a website, blog, or online store. Even you can fetch different customizable templates, domains, and also easy to use tools. Weebly provided you with a built-in editor that entirely allow you to personalize the website extensively. If you require PNG file to SVG vector conversions at any point of your web-design, then simply start your conversion with an online version of PNG to SVG converter right now. 

Why Use:

  • It provides you with the SSL security feature for free
  • Fetch the unlimited storage with its premium plans
  • Packed with different traits such as password protection, advanced site stats, site search, and much more

Adobe Dreamweaver:

The authorized source of Adobe provides you with the web-design software that is quite useful for generating powerful HTML based sites and apps. It comes with a code-free web designing tool that will assists you to code efficiently by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

You simply need to use these coding shortcuts., multi-line editing, error-checking & line previews to attain better and instant outcomes.  Since SVG vector graphics used mathematical equation that does not distorted even they expanded at a great extent of level, while PNG entirely spoiled if scaled up or down. That’s the most obvious reason why people replace PNG’s with SVG’s on websites, they do so with the free use of an online PNG to SVG converter. 

Why Use:

  • Loaded with great features for fast and flexible coding such as code hints, visual aids, and even lets you to edit HTML, CSS, and more
  • Allow you to account the assets from library and Adobe Stock as Dreamweaver that is a part of the Creative Cloud
  • Preview your websites and even lets you make editing in real-time
  • Loaded with amazing features like live view editing, multi-monitor support for Windows, Redesigned & modern UI, and much more