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Currently, if we have a thorough look at the web development trends 2019, we can observe that the resources for this task have changed a bit comparing to the ones that were common a few years ago. If to be more precise and concise, web development services are getting more typical and up-to-date. Basing on Code Inspiration company’s experience and the indicated increase of the interest in the web development projects, we can say that from the customer’s point of view, it is sometimes very challenging to decide on the best option for the frameworks or services for a web development project. That’s why today we would like to elaborate on web development frameworks, as well as services so you can decide the best one for your needs and requirements.

Having started the analysis of the global web development trends, it’s difficult to get by without some useful statistics, basing on which we could make some useful conclusions concerning the latest web development trends. Let’s turn to a well-known resource named Statista. Statista reports that “mobile phone website traffic grows worldwide. In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. Mobile currently accounts for half of all global web pages served”.

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Getting ready for your best web development project

There is a lot of preparatory work to be done before the development process itself starts.

Just for a start, it would be a good idea to look for some references about the top web development companies. Use reliable, trusted IT-industry resources like Clutch.co or Wadline. Study them and probably, make a shortlist of agencies.

  1. If you have come up with an app idea. Develop a really good understanding of your idea, as well as your enterprise requirements.
  2. Technical specification. Have made up your mind concerning the development partner? It’s time to start the project documentation development. Pragmatic solutions are drafted to create successful user engagement.
  3. UX/UI design phase. Generating seamless UX and UI  by means of applying the latest and of course most appropriate technologies, ensuring high performance.
  4. Development stage. Users’ demands make software developers constantly upgrade their skills. Thus,  sharp design needs to be combined with smart and efficient functionality, able to provide smooth app operation. To develop the core of your future app, back-end development stack needs to be well-thought as well.
  5. Testing. Before delivering the complete product, comprehensive testing efforts must be applied by QA engineers to ensure the major bugs are fixed and the app functionality works good.
  6. Launch and maintenance. We believe in building long-term partnership, so maintenance and support services are offered under the SLA agreement to help you anytime and anywhere.

Software development methodologies

It’s a well-known fact there exist several methodologies used in web and mobile app development. Among them, there are waterfall model, Agile development, spiral model, etc. Choosing the right model for the app or web development company is very much important. Based on the given project’s needs, different companies choose their type of the development model. Nevertheless, we have to underline that recently Agile methodology has become the most suitable and widely-applied model.

What are the latest web development technologies trends that dominate IT industry in 2019?

  • IoT

The Internet has become a normal part of our today’s life. All in all, it influences practically any sphere of our life. Besides some daily routine, the Internet has become an integral part of commercial organizations. For them, probably, the Internet has become a synonym to a reliable medium of communication. Business organizations use the potential of smart technologies and sensors embedded in user-end devices, such as smartphones. Inter-networking of IoT backed smart devices will play a key role in taking web development services to the whole new generation of web services.

According to the survey made by Statista, it is expected that there will be around 31 bln devices connected by the year of 2020.

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How this will impact the global web development process? Well, in fact, nowadays only a few websites possess IoT integration. Nevertheless, the concept remains to be very much in focus, as the number of the connected devices is growing, that’s why the prognosis is that a new dimension will be given to web development services.

  • SPAs boom

SPA stands for a single page app, which is a website or a web application placed on a single web page, which, in order to work, loads all the necessary code along with the loading of the page itself. An application of this type appeared relatively recently, with the beginning of the era of HTML5 and SPA is a typical representative of applications on HTML5. As we all know, HTML5 is something like HTML + CSS3 + JavaScript + [several new tags]. Thus, SPA are applications written in JavaScript.

This year the SPAs have become extremely popular. They are easy to navigate, so they will definitely continue to be highly appreciated by the web apps users. Besides, they run smoothly whatever you use, a mobile device or a PC.

  • Design

For the recent years the newest trend of simplicity and functionality for web app development has been indicated. Still, this year much more attention of the users is given to images and animation, causing software developers to shift to responsive web design. As companies look to capture a greater proportion of audiences, a new trend of adaptability has been indicated: companies are very much looking forward to building websites that look great on whatever mobile devices, which makes them to be eager to make the websites as responsive as it is possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to add adaptability to the check list of your next web app development project.

  • PWAs

You may probably heard this abbreviation that stands for progressive web apps. In simple words, a progressive web application is a website, which has most similar functionality like a native mobile app. Let’s turn to the statistical data once again. Such resources as Payless ShoeSource, Debenhams and BMW took advantage of the PWAs, making their conversion rate much more pleasing, together with the enhanced user engagement as well.

Since they convey the best of websites and mobile apps, the probability that progressive web apps will constitute one of the most prominent web development trends is very high.

  • Cybersecurity

Regardless of how experienced professionals are involved in the development of software, problems still happen. In connection with this, data breaches problem still deserves special attention. In modern history, there were periods of unprecedented cyber attacks (not to remind the story that happened to Uber). As a result, cybersecurity now has many chances to keep as a dominant trend for both 2019 and 2020. It is a rather challenging task to protect the valuable sensitive data from hackers, still, it does not mean it is impossible.

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Thus, in this article we described the WEB development trends you could consider for yourself and your business to be presented at the international market in the best way. Used wisely, these trends may help you to achieve business growth, as they bear great market potential, as they represent a quintessence of long-standing and emerging technologies.

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