TikTok negative effects

The article briefly

TikTok is an extremely popular mobile application. There are 2 major negative issues any TikTok user faces: Tik Tok’s addictive nature and contribution to the formation of clip-thinking. Unfortunately, the TikTok app has a little useful content, using TikTok is a waste of time, unless to use TT for business promotion. 

The article in full

All the thoughts expressed in the article are based on the author’s TikTok user experience. In the previous article I explained why the TikTok app is extremely popular and continues hitting Google Play Store download numbers. It is widely known that the TikTok app has not just led to the formation of a community of “TikTokers” all over the world, but has already become a cultural phenomenon.  

And, in today’s article we are going to explain what’s wrong with the TikTok mobile app. 

Problem 1: TikTok is really time-consuming application

We have already mentioned that TikTok app has intelligent internal recommendation algorithms. These algorithms work well enough and show the videos that exactly match users’ interests. 

One more interesting fact about TikTok is that it’s interface is designed in a way that a user starts watching recommended videos right after he/she launches the app. By the way, the whole video feed consists of recommended videos mostly with some videos of TikTok creators a user follows – that is, representing a core element of the app, video feed is really engaging for users, and, at the same time, very time-consuming. There is no end in this feed, a user can watch videos endlessly. Together with in-app recommendation engines,  this makes TT mobile app a very addictive one

Problem 2: TikTok and clip-thinking formation

 As you may probably know, clip-thinking is a way of information’s perception by means of short, limited fragments – clips, unlike via understanding an issue as an integral thing. For example, a news feed on any social media website represents a list of clips – it is a collection of unrelated pieces of information. Clip-thinking obstructs the educational process significantly, it becomes more and more difficult for a person to stay focused on learning, reading long articles, understanding complex things and weakens analytical capabilities.

TikTok’s videos feed, containing 15 or 60 seconds short videos, really benefits clip-thinking development. After using TikTok for an hour, for example, I really felt like I became more silly, even though I watched some educational videos together with dozens of entertaining ones. Or maybe I just thought so ) Anyway, I didn’t like this feeling and decided to stop using TikTok. 

Actually, taking into account how much it is said about the danger of clip-thinking itself, I find it strange why there is no information about TikTok’s forming clip-thinking available online. Given that the TikTok is basically designed for clip-thinking users and forms clip-thinking successfully. 

negative aspects of TikTok

Wrapping up, I recommend not to use TikTok as a viewer. Use TikTok only in case it is beneficial for your business, that is, be on the side of creators – TikTok video makers. 

Briefly this time) Thanks for reading this article!