Banking Application

A fintech banking product for the US market that applies high level of Login security.


Project description

A fintech software product completely developed by Code Inspiration's team. The application is developed on the basis of the US banking and financial regulatory requirements. Includes high level of Sign up and Login security, multiple features for validation of personal data entered as well as official documents uploaded by a user, AI-based recognition of images and documents uploaded by a user. There are also users’ notifications and customizable SMS notifications. The developed fintech service makes it easy to get a loan online. For this need there is a user's scoring and creditworthiness assessment AI-based feature.

The key features

  • AI-based features for person recognition via the photo
  • AI-based features for documents recognition system
  • AI-based user scoring system
  • High level of user personal data verification
  • Possibility to get a loan online
  • Customizable user notifications


  • Frontend:
    JQuery, JavaScript, Pug, SCSS, Bootstrap, React
  • Application Servers:
  • Operating Systems:
  • Backend:
    PHP 7
  • Framework:
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