Big Data Analytics application

A big data analytics application developed for a large marketing research agency.

Project description

A big data analytics application developed to digitize internal processes at large marketing research agency in Russia. The customer needed a software tool to automate the process of collecting, processing and storage of marketing data. The core of the developed complex information system is admin panel that makes possible to manage users and collected data. There is information about shops, retailers, suppliers, goods, prices etc, everything with ID numbers, barcodes, records. The developed internal logic of the application makes possible to collect information from monitoring activities and analyze it effectively. Users of the system carry out monitoring activities with their smartphones. They visit supermarkets and check the necessary information about prices, amount of goods left, condition etc., and upload this data into the compatible Android mobile application. The information system collects the data from users' mobile devices, updating the database automatically.

The key features

  • Admin panel for big data processing and analytics
  • Multiple user roles
  • Easy to work with big amounts of specific data
  • Big data analytics
  • Compatible mobile application
  • API for mobile devices


  • Front-end:
    JS, CSS, React
  • Back-end:
    PHP Symfony framework
  • Database:
  • Application Servers:
    PHP-fpm, nginx
  • Operating Systems: