Duuzra - Digital Presentation Software

A comprehensive CMS with interactive content delivered on participants' devices for digital presentations.

Project description

Duuzra is a complex CMS with interactive content that can be used to build apps for anything from large conferences to sales presentations and training. It is aimed to simplify the clients’ daily professional activities by providing a single piece of enterprise software that reduces the need for multiple, separate application providers.

Duuzra software is a content sharing and engagement technology delivering valuable data for any kind of online or offline events, be it sales meetings, trainings, marketing distribution, business conference. For example, the software allows you to connect with remote attendees via a live stream and ask them to interact with your content. After the meeting the system will provide you with a comprehensive report on how attendees interacted with you content and how engaging this content was, who was interested and who wasn't. The system is capable of generating comprehensive reports on audience activity in general as well as on each attendee. This information is used to help the sales team communicate more effectively with clients, generate targeted marketing material and shape future events.

Collecting a big amount of specific data Duuzra event software makes the presentation process truly digital.

The key features

  • Audience engagement via automation of speaker-audience content flow
  • Device specific content delivery
  • Digital interaction with an audience
  • Possibility to carry out live polls and questionnaires, collect feedback in real time
  • Data analytics and statistics collection


  • UI:
    CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, Angular
  • Frameworks:
    Angular, Ionic, symfony, Express
  • Databases:
    MySQL, CouchDB
  • Backend:
    PHP, Node.js
  • Version Control Systems: