Corporate Portal

Web interface for employee's access to corporate data and applications.

Project description

A solution for digital transformation of corporate internal processes. Corporate portal web application allows you to create virtual workspaces for separate projects or departments of the organization. Developed software solution makes possible to create and update a CV online, create an online portfolio with the option of specifying project's participants, automate adaptation and integration processes of employees of the company. There are also reports generation, data uploading, subscription to internal corporate events and news features. The information system has also data access control features - there is a possibility to provide an employee with time limited access to data, documents, projects etc. The developed software system makes possible also to create and assign tasks to colleagues and team members and track their execution. Managers can generate reports and see how effective the team or the given employee was in a given period of time.

The key features

  • Virtual workspaces
  • Online CV management
  • Access control management
  • Portfolio management
  • Digitization of adaptation and integration of employees process
  • Corporate news feed


  • RDBMS:
  • Frameworks:
    Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, Spring Security
  • UI:
    JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, Html5, Bootstrap
  • Application Servers:
    Apache Tomcat 7
  • Operating Systems:
    Ubuntu server