SoPick - Courier Social Network application

A mobile application that connects couriers and delivery service customers.

Project description

SoPick is a courier social network. It is a mobile application that lets anyone, anytime, anywhere to be a sender, recipient or a delivery courier. In other words, this mobile application is like Uber for couriers. In comparison with the world largest delivery services, SoPick mobile app is available for everyone. Anyone who would like to offer or use delivery services simply needs to download and register in the application. This delivery service application is available even for those who plan to be a bicycle courier or even walking courier, needless to say car courier. That's why it is cheap and fast. Anyone can connect to the social mission of SoPick, making money within touching distance, or alternatively, to receive the product that a user wishes, directly to a specific place. This mobile application is developed for both iOS and Android platforms. A user who needs delivery service places the order in the application. The application transfers the order to available couriers nearby. After a courier picks up the order, the customer can see status of the order and track courier's geolocation in real time. After the order is completed, the customer can rate the courier and leave a review.

The key features

  • Possibility to become a courier
  • Easy to place or execute delivery orders
  • Possibility to track status of the order and geolocation of the courier in real time
  • Possibility to earn money, executing orders on the way over
  • Based on social economy ideas, the application is fast and cheap alternative to large delivery companies


  • Android Platform Programming language:
    Kotlin, Java
  • iOS Platform Programming language:
    Objective C, Swift
  • Version Control System:
  • Project Management tool