Client Card - Digital Loyalty Cards keeper

Client Card is loyalty service application. Customer personal mobile application that replaces plastic loyalty and punch cards.

Project description

ClientCard is an application that brings together businesses and customers by means of digital loyalty program. The mobile application lets users to get bonus points every time they make a purchase. After collecting and accumulating enough bonuses, users can claim Rewards right in the app. The mobile application notifies users about new service, product promotion, event invitations, coupons etc. The app contains comprehensive information about companies participating: location, description, contact information, current promotions etc. The mobile application is open for any business that is interested in launching own loyalty program and offer additional customer experience. The developed loyalty aggregator makes possible to keep your customers up-to-date about your business, special offers, coupons, and promotions via a news channel. Customers can forget your plastic cards and misplace them, but ClientCard mobile app always stays with them in their smartphone. The developed application has also analytics features. Companies that run loyalty program on the platform can understand who their customers are, create a customer database; learn how they engage with the company business, what drives them back etc.

The key features

  • Digital loyalty program
  • Notifications about promotions, discounts, bonuses of companies
  • No plastic card needed to register and take part in a loyalty program of a brand
  • Consumer activity analytics for companies


  • iOS platform programming languages:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Version Control System:
  • Project management tool:
  • Software development methodology: