MF-Card - Digital Discount Cards Keeper

An iOS and Android mobile application that replaces plastic loyalty cards, making them digital.

Project description

Is your wallet full up with plastic loyalty cards from supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, online shops etc? In today's digital age, there's a better and more comfortable way to store loyalty cards than filling your wallet with all that plastic - you can simply upload and keep them on a smartphone using a mobile app. MF-Card mobile application replaces all plastic, discount, bonus cards making them digital. When it's time to present a loyalty card at a store, simply open the mobile app, select the necessary card and let the salesperson scan the barcode. So, the developed mobile application makes it easier and more convenient to collect your rewards and cash it on your loyalty cards. What's more, the mobile app not only just keeps your loyalty cards, but also informs you about news of companies, their promotions and discounts. There is also detailed contact information about each retailer. In addition, a user can register in a loyalty program of any retailer, participating in the project, right in the application. And there is no need to go and buy a plastic card in the retailer's offline office, in-app digital loyalty card will be enough to take part in loyalty program. The mobile application is developed for both Android and iOS platforms.

The key features

  • Making all plastic loyalty cards digital
  • Aggregation of all your cards, discounts, bonus points
  • Possibility to register in a loyalty program online
  • Comprehensive information about retailers
  • Purchase and discounts history
  • Notifications about news, discounts, promotions


  • iOS platform programming language:
    Objective C
  • Android platform programming languages:
    Java, Kotlin
  • Tools & technologies used:
    iOS SDK, CoreData, Xcode
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool:
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