Duuzra is a CMS with interactive content that can be used to build apps for anything from large conferences to sales presentations and training. It is aimed to simplify the clients’ daily professional activities by providing a single piece of enterprise software that reduces the need for multiple, separate application providers.

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General description

OUR CHALLANGE was to add improvements to existing CMS
We were to implement additional functions to the existing CMS and solve the problem of device specific content delivery. We solved the problem of displaying the content on specific devices, including the following options:
• iPad landscape
• Mobile app – landscape
• Mobile app – portrait
• Desktop – landscape
The developed by us functionality now allows the CMS user to upload background images and descriptions to them. We also took care for images’ and buttons’ update when switching screen orientation.
The issue included both backend and frontend tasks.


HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Ionic, MySQL, CouchDB
UI: CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, Angular
Frameworks: Angular, Ionic, symfony, Express
Backend: PHP, Node.js
Version Control Systems: Git

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