Avd Motors -E-commerce mobile application

AVD Motors - website, android and iOS applications created for the customers of the shop, that sells car parts.

Project description

AVD Motors project represents custom website, Android and IOS applications created for the customers of the shop that sells the car parts. The developed application can be considered as an online marketplace. The application has a lot of options for authorized users which facilitates the process of searching, buying, ordering car parts. A user can browse online catalog ordering car parts by name or part number. Actual availability of supplies in warehouses is shown by default. It is possible to choose a convenient time for the order. If necessary, a client can get information on availability of this or that car part in various regions of the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, America, Japan, Germany. Several convenient search filters are available to use in the mobile app, for example, the best time, the best price, displaying the five best offers for the price. A user can see status of the order and track it in real time. The mobile application contains also contact information of stores, company news and promotions.

The key features

  • Extensive online catalog
  • Multiple search filters
  • Possibility to track status of an order online
  • Actual availability of goods tracking
  • Digital loyalty program


  • iOS platform programming languages:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Project management tool:
  • Version control system
  • Software development methodologies:
    Agile, TDD