Avd Motors

AVD Motors - website, android and IOS applications created for the customers of the internet shop, which sells the car parts.

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The key features

There are a lot of options for authorised users which facilitates the process of searching, buying, ordering car parts:

- Online price list;
- Selection and order of tires and disks;
- Ordering parts by part number;
- Choosing the optimal time for the order;
- Obtaining information on availability in various regions of the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, America, Japan, Germany;
- Convenient filter - the best time, the best price, displaying the five best offers for the price;
- Information on the execution of the order, the current status date, personal account information;
- Actual availability of suppliers in warehouses;
- Contact information of stores, company news;
- Individual settings.


Platfrom: iOS
Programming languages: Swift, Objective C.

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Available for: iOS (iPhone)
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