Moscow Nature - City Ecology mobile application

Your mobile guide to the natural locations of Moscow.

Project description

Moscow Nature is an ecology city guide mobile app. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms. The mobile application contains comprehensive information about natural locations in Moscow. With this application a user can learn more about the ecology and history of urban natural complexes, the Red Book animals and plants, inhabitants of unique protected places. A user can walk along the specially protected natural areas listening to a professional audio guide. Every excursion contains a series of pictures, structured descriptions of plants and animals, map with a route and waypoints of the given excursion. Reviews and scoring system for excursions is also implemented. There is also a possibility to make and share your own city routes right in the application, find the objects close to you, share what you saw with your friends in social networks.

The key features

  • Appealing and user-friendly design
  • List of excursions
  • Interactive map with excursions and locations
  • Professional audio guides
  • Reviews and scoring system
  • Possibility to make your own excursion


  • Android platform programming language:
  • iOS platform programming languege:
    Swift, Objective C
  • Version control system:
  • Project management tool: