Mobile Document Flow application

Closed software for internal workflow of an organization

Project description

The project represents a closed software developed to make internal workflow in an organization digital. This software helps the organization to avoid the entire paper turnover of documents. The iOS mobile application lets you securely bring all your personal and business documents and content with you wherever you go. The developed software is a secure, reliable tool which automates the document turnover and simplifies the process of working with documents. Using this mobile app, it is easy to create, upload, send, forward, sign a document or assign a task to an employee. Interface of the application provides user with an easy navigation and management even of big number of documents. The application is developed for iOS platfrom.

The key features

  • Digital document flow
  • Secured application for internal use
  • Easy to work with digital documents
  • Simple document management and navigation


  • iOS platform programming languages
    Swift, Objective C
  • Tools and Technologies used:
    Xcode, iOS SDK
  • Version control system
  • Project management tool:
  • Software development methodologies:
    Agile, TDD