Facticiti – client

That’s a confidential portal for the employers looking for candidates. Any employer who is authorized in a system, can post a hiring information and hire people according to the matches of the job requests and the candidates’ skills.

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The key features

-Employers can upload the files, add the required technical skills, and update their job posting

-The job posting can be activated or deactivated, published or unpublished and every employer can see a history of the research search

-Employers can send the tests to any trusted person

-The portal allows to research the provided information and get the analytic data percentage of a list of the suitable candidates according to the required characteristic and professional skills

-The portal can be parsed with Facticiti website


PHP 7.1, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
UI: CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap Grid, Ajax
Frameworks : Yii 2
Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 7
Operating Systems : Ubuntu server
Version Control Systems : Git

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