The website developed for everyone who is looking for a job and wants to get into a data base of candidates to be selected by employer. The system allows creating an account for providing more details to a potential employer

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The key features

- Candidate can pass the test to identify the strong and weak qualifications of the professional skills
- The results are saved automatically to the data base. And then they are used to match the candidate to the appropriate job post
- In each profile candidate records a video answering four questions which are saved in the data base automatically
- The short video interview provides more information about the candidate, also employer can see the way how every candidate behaves, listen to their speech what can help to rate the candidates’ self-presentation to make sure whether the particular candidate fits the job or not.


PHP 7.1, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
UI: CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap Grid, Ajax
Frameworks : Yii 2
Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 7
Operating Systems : Ubuntu server
Version Control Systems : Git

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