Fintech Application

A fintech software developed for the US market.

Project description

This fintech software provides users with automated and improved financial services. Digital active customers, especially millennials, expect money transfer, lending, loan management and other banking services to be online, available 24/7, effortless, secure and scalable. Ideally without any interaction with a person and with no need to visit an offline bank office. This web application is an example of the fintech software that offers such services. The most important feature in this web fintech application is login process that implies high level of personal data validation. The application is developed on the basis of the US banking and financial regulatory requirements. The application includes also modules for documents and images recognition. The system recognizes, compares and analyzes personal data from documents (driving license) and images (user's photo) uploaded. LexisNexis database is integrated. The product is developed completely by Code Inspiration's team. It lets the customer to compete with the US global market leaders in online banking solutions.

The key features

  • Manage virtual or physical debit cards
  • Send money to another user
  • Request money from another user
  • Transactions history
  • User creditworthiness scoring system
  • Modules for documents and images recognition


  • Front-end:
    Fuse SDK, Vanilla js
  • Back-end:
    PHP symfony framework
  • Database:
    MySQL 5.7
  • Application Servers:
  • Third-party integration:
    LexisNexis, Qrails
They launched successful web platforms which have been praised by end-users. Code Inspiration is a capable and creative partner with good teamwork skills, and they can be trusted to work without direct oversight.
CEO, Fintech app