YummPizza - Food Delivery Mobile Application

Food delivery platform for a large pizza restaurant chain in St. Petersburg

Project description

YummPizza project represents a customly developed website, iOS and Android mobile applications. Using these applications clients of the restaurant chain can order pizza or other food online, participate in promotions and digital loyalty program. Using the applications, a user chooses food and drinks, places an order, indicates a delivery point, has a possibility to pay online and waits for a courier with a delivery. Development of the custom website and mobile applications was a part of a full digital transformation strategy of our customer. With the developed applications our customer managed to expand the target audience, improve customer experience, attract new clients among digital active young people, boost online presence and increase customer satisfaction. Ordering favorite pizza just got even easier: here are new applications with exciting features and enhancements!

The key features

  • Choose food in the menu online
  • Find promotions and discounts
  • Create personal account to make orders online, check order history, make your own pizza using online constructor
  • Digital loyalty program
  • Favorite dishes and repeat order


  • Technologies:
    Alamofire, Realm, Google Maps SDK, Crashlytics, Fabric, SwiftyJSON
  • iOS Programming Language:
  • Android Programming Language:
  • Version Control System:
  • Project Management Tool: