GRIBview - Weather Forecasting mobile application

An iOS mobile application that delivers the most accurate weather forecasts.

Project description

Using the most advanced weather modelling, this mobile application makes the most accurate forecasts available today. These forecasts are used by many of the world’s best known maritime organizations, businesses and professionals. The application provides users with the highest resolution weather forecasts built on super high-precision data from 10 km down to 1 km resolution on an hourly time step. There is free global forecast data for a highly compressed and very efficient overview of the oncoming weather. From the global map a user can get access to unrivalled granular and detailed forecast accuracy for favorite sailing areas just in a single click.
GRIB mobile application can be used offline during users' maritime activities. Free offline charts which don't require an Internet connection to view are available to use.

The key features

  • Global weather forecasts
  • Detailed weather forecasts for the given location
  • The highest resolution weather forecasts on user request
  • Possibility to work offline
  • In-app charts of weather forecasts on an hourly time step


  • iOS platform programming language:
    Objective C
  • Tools and technologies used:
    Xcode, iOS SDK,
  • Project management tools:
  • Version control system
The finished product met all requirements and was easily transferred back to the internal team for refinement. Code Inspiration impressed with their reponsive communication, efficient deliveries, and thorough project management.