Emeritus - Educational mobile application

A mobile application developed keeping in mind the needs of students to share and learn from instructors and from each other.

Project description

This project represents an educational mobile application with advanced social features. The application is intended to provide students with additional educational and team work experience. The mobile application has a forum where faculty and students can interact online. The faculty has the ability to stimulate student discussion with a timed post. This is a post that can be timed from a start date to end date and allows faculty and professors to contextualize their courses. Faculty can run quick polls with students in the mobile app. To share the results, it is possible to start a Poll Discussion then: poll results will be published to stimulate discussions. One more interesting feature of this mobile application is Learning Circles: classes can be divided into small groups of up to 8 people and a special virtual working area will be created for them in the application. This is very good for teams to interact among their members for executing team assignments and discussions. Sending and receiving text messages, videos, files, voice files, images, URLs are available for users in the mobile app. In addition, students can maintain and update their profiles by adding images, designation, industry, location, education background, hobbies etc. The application was developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

The key features

  • Digital interaction between students and a faculty
  • Students engagement in university affairs
  • Advanced chatting features
  • Platform for organizing team work among students
  • Comprehensive user’s profile
  • Simple and user-friendly design


  • RDBMS:
  • Frameworks:
    Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, JUnit, JSP
  • UI:
    JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, Html5, Bootstrap
  • Application Servers:
    Apache Tomcat 7
  • Technologies:
    Java EE, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Maven, REST