Mevius - 3D Presentation

An iOS application that shows an admirable 3D presentation.

Project description

The iOS mobile application developed for advertisement for Japan Tobacco Mevius LSS production. Launching, the mobile app turns on the front camera of the device and activates comprehensive 3D presentation. A speaker can simply control the presentation flow in the application. The customer goal was to make an impression on a presentation of a new cigarettes brand. To address the request, we made an iOS application that launches an already created and rendered 3D presentation. As a result, the customer achieved the goal and held a successful presentation.

The key features

  • Admirable 3D presentation
  • Simple but advanced tool to engage the audience
  • Speaker can control the presentation flow
  • Fully animated UI
  • Innovative design
  • Futuristic interface


  • Game engine:
  • iOS platform programming language:
    Objective C
  • Tools and technologies used:
    MonoDevelop, iOS SDK, OpenCV, Xcode
  • Project management tool:
  • Version control system: